Authors: Perić, Zoran
Velimirović, Lazar 
Lukić, Jelena
Jocić, Aleksandar
Denić, Dragan
Affiliations: Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts 
Title: Construction of the Variable-Length and Small Bitrate Quantizer for the Laplacian Source
Journal: 17th Telecommunications Forum TELFOR 2009 - Proceedings
First page: 576
Last page: 579
Conference: 17th Telecommunications Forum TELFOR 2009, Belgrade, Serbia, November 24-26, 2009
Issue Date: 2009
Rank: M63
ISBN: 978-86-7466-375-2
This paper presents the hybrid model of scalar quantizer consisted of uniform and optimized Lloyd-Max scalar quantizer. The speech signal at the entrance of the hybrid quantizer is modeled by Laplacian probability density function. Performances of the proposed quantizer are estimated on the basis of comparation of calculated values of signal to quantization noise ratio and bitrate, with the uniform quantizer with Huffman coding. The advantage of hybrid quantizer, defined by small bitrate and variable-length code words, is reflected in the compromise achieved between the distortion values and the number of quantization levels, or in other words, between the values of signal to quantization noise ratio and bitrate.
Keywords: Hybrid quantizer | Variable-length code words | Small bit rate
Publisher: IEEE

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