Authors: Banković, Angelina
Vukelić, Dejan 
Title: Historic Urbs, Contemporary Civitas – Challenges of Coexisting
Journal: Proceedings of the Third International Conference “Preservation and Improvement of Historic Townsˮ (Sremski Karlovci, 14–15 May 2016)
First page: 207
Last page: 223
Issue Date: 2017
Rank: M33
ISBN: 978-86-80929-36-1
Issues of preservation and urban renewal of historic cities are mostly concerned with conservation and restoration projects, as well as ethical and financial questions. Although at first sight these cities may appear as lifeless structures that should be “frozen in time” to silently witness mankind’s previous achievements, during the twentieth century various experts engaged in preservation projects were beginning to understand the importance of the role of people inhabiting these places. Through charters and declarations adopted by UNESCO and ICOMOS, and a substantial number of conducted surveys concerning the matter, citizens’ contribution to “the spirit of place”, or, to put it more bluntly, to a particular asset denoting the very historicity of a historic city, gradually attracted more appreciative interest. This paper will draw attention to two projects for the preservation and renewal of historic cities conducted by the Aga Khan Foundation and taken as examples of the approach to urban revitalisation which is directly aimed at improving the living conditions of local communities.
Publisher: Provincial Institute for the Protection of Culutral Monuments, Petrovaradin, Municipality of Sremski Karlovci

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