Authors: Janković, Radmila 
Jovkić, Jelena
Title: Environmental awareness in companies of Eastern Serbia
First page: 183
Last page: 192
Conference: 6th International Symposium on Environmental and Material Flow Management – EMFM
Issue Date: 2016
Rank: M33
ISBN: 978-86-6305-050-1
Today’s business processes, especially industrial processes can cause serious environmental problems and can increase air and water pollution. Pollution is one of the greatest problems of modern world and it has damaging and unrepairable effects to the environment. Most companies are focused on economic benefits of their businesses, rather than on environmental impacts and that’s why raising environmental consciousness in companies leads to ecological responsibility. Environmental awareness of companies nowadays has to be an integral part of management so that they can sustain their business positions.In order to successfully implement environmental management initiative, companies have to realize how important the members of the organization are. It is mandatory for the employees to know and understand how the environment can be affected by their decisions. This paper aims to identify how ecologically aware are companies and their members in Eastern Serbia. The paper presents the results of a research of companies’ attitudes towards environmental issues.
Keywords: attitude | East Serbia | environment | environmental awareness
Publisher: University of Belgrade, Technical Faculty in Bor

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