Authors: Zirojević, Marina
Jokanović, Dušan
Baralić, Đorđe 
Affiliations: Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts 
Title: Software “Cinderella” and its application in visualization of physic and mathematic
Journal: Mathematica Montisnigri
Volume: 34
First page: 86
Last page: 93
Conference: International Interdisciplinar Seminar on Mathematical Models and Modeling in Laser-Plasma Processes and Advanced Science Technologies, Petrovac, Montenegro
Issue Date: 2015
Rank: M30
In this paper we present posibilites to use the "Cinderella" software in theory of curves and vector fields visualizations as well as in understanding their mechanical and geometric characteristics. These objects are extensively studied in physics, medicine and other sciences. The use of "Cinderella" is exemplified in animation of cardioid, astroid, cubic curves, quadratic curves and their singularities. We emphasize the educational role of this software and application of its language "SindyScript" and illustrate the way in which physical processes are modelled by the means of "Cinderella" software.
Keywords: Cinderella | CindyLab | CindyScript | Dynamic Geometry
Publisher: Univerzitet Crne Gore, Prirodno-matematički fakultet Podgorica

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