Authors: Jakšić, Svetlana
Pantović, Jovanka
Ghilezan, Silvia 
Title: Linked data privacy
Journal: Mathematical Structures in Computer Science
Volume: 27
Issue: 1
First page: 33
Last page: 53
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2017
Rank: M22
ISSN: 0960-1295
DOI: 10.1017/S096012951500002X
Web of Linked Data introduces common format and principles for publishing and linking data on the Web. Such a network of linked data is publicly available and easily consumable. This paper introduces a calculus for modelling networks of linked data with encoded privacy preferences. In that calculus, a network is a parallel composition of users, where each user is named and consists of data, representing the user's profile, and a process. Data is a parallel composition of triples with names (resources) as components. Associated with each name and each triple of names are their privacy protection policies, that are represented by queries. A data triple is accessible to a user if the user's data satisfies the query assigned to that triple. The main contribution of this model lies in the type system which together with the introduced query order ensures that static type-checking prevents privacy violations. We say that a network is well behaved if-access to a triple is more restrictive than access to its components and less restrictive than access to the user name it is enclosed with,-each user can completely access their own profile,-each user can update or partly delete profiles that they own (can access the whole profiles), and-each user can update the privacy preference policy of data of another profile that they own or write data to another profile only if the newly obtained profile stays fully accessible to their owner. We prove that any well-Typed network is well behaved.
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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