Authors: Simić, Slavko 
Title: Generalized binomial law and regularly varying moments
Journal: Matematički Vesnik
Volume: 55
Issue: 1-2
First page: 31
Last page: 36
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2003
ISSN: 0025-5165
In this paper we demonstrate a method for estimating asymptotic behavior of the regularly varying moments E(Kρ(Xn)), (n → ∞) in the case of generalized Binomial Law. Here Kρ(x) is from the class of regularly varying functions in the sense of Karamata. We prove that E(Kρ(Xn)) ∼ Kρ(E(X n)), ρ > 0, E(Xn) → ∞ (n → ∞), i.e., that the asymptotics of the first moment determines the behavior of all other moments.
Publisher: Društvo Matematičara Srbije

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