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Vučković, Đorđe
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1Pilipović, Stevan; Prangoski, Bojan; Vučković, Đorđe Convolution with the Kernel es⟨x⟩q,q≥1,s>0 Within Ultradistribution Spaces10-Jun-2021Mediterranean Journal of Mathematics; 18(4); 164~M21
2Vučković, Đorđe ; Vindas, JassonUltradistributional boundary values of harmonic functions on the sphere1-Jan-2018Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications; 457(1); 533-550M21
3Vučković, Đorđe ; Vindas, JassonRotation invariant ultradistributions1-Jan-2017Generalized Functions and Fourier Analysis; 260; 253-267
4Vučković, Đorđe ; Vindas, JassonEigenfunction expansions of ultradifferentiable functions and ultradistributions in Rn1-Dec-2016Journal of Pseudo-Differential Operators and Applications; 7(4); 519-531M23