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Todosijević, Raca ; Mjirda, Anis; Hanafi, Saïd; Mladenović, Nenad ; Gendron, BernardA general variable neighborhood search for the travelling salesman problem with draft limits1-Jan-2013Proceedings of 2013 International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Systems Management, IEEE - IESM 2013; International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Systems Management, IEEE - IESM 2013; Rabat; Morocco; 28 October 2013 through 30 October 2013
Brimberg, Jack; Mladenović, Nenad ; Todosijević, Raca ; Urošević, Dragan General variable neighborhood search for the uncapacitated single allocation p-hub center problem1-Feb-2017Optimization Letters; 11(2); 377-388M21
Matijević, Luka ; Stanković, Una ; Davidović, Tatjana General variable neighborhood search for the weighted scheduling problem with deadlines and release times2021XLVIII International Symposium on Operational Research, SYM-OP-IS 2021, Banja Koviljača, 20-23. septembar 2021.; 207-212M33
Matijević, Luka General Variable Neighbourhood Search Approach to MAX-3SAT Problem2019The 8TH International Conference on Logic and Applications - LAP 2019; 29-30M34
Stević, Stevo A generalization of a result of choa on analytic functions with hadamard gaps1-Jan-2006Journal of the Korean Mathematical Society; 43(3); 579-591M23
Dragović, Vladimir ; Gajić, Borislav ; Jovanović, Božidar Generalizations of classical integrable Chapligin nonholonomic rigid body systems199818th winter school Geometry and Physics, Srni, January 11-18, 1998M30
Dragović, Vladimir ; Gajić, Borislav ; Jovanović, Božidar Generalizations of classical integrable nonholonomic rigid body systems11-Dec-1998Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General; 31(49); 9861-9869M21
Baralić, Đorđe Generalizations of Pascal’s Hexagrammum Mysticum201217th Geometric SeminarM30
Vesić, Nenad Generalized Bochner Tensor2016XIX Geometrical Seminar, 2016M34
Jojić, Duško; Panina, Gaiane Yurevna; Vrećica, Siniša; Živaljević, Rade Generalized chessboard complexes and discrete Morse theory1-Jan-2020Chebyshevskii Sbornik; 21(2); 207-227M51
Stević, Stevo Generalized composition operators between mixed-norm and some weighted spaces1-Jul-2008Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization; 29(7-8); 959-978M23
Stević, Stevo Generalized composition operators from logarithmic bloch spaces to mixed-norm spaces1-Nov-2008Utilitas Mathematica; 77; 167-172M23
Stević, Stevo ; Sharma, AjayGeneralized composition operators on weighted Hardy spaces1-May-2012Applied Mathematics and Computation; 218(17); 8347-8352M21
Li, Songxiao; Stević, Stevo Generalized composition operators on Zygmund spaces and Bloch type spaces15-Feb-2008Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications; 338(2); 1282-1295M21
Ilić, Velimir ; Stanković, MiomirGeneralized entropies based on Q-fractional calculus2018Workshop on Fractional calculus 2018; 5-6M30
Ilić, Velimir Generalized entropies for random graph models - thermostatistics and extensivity2018Disordered serendipity: a glassy path to discovery, A workshop in honour of Giorgio Parisi’s 70th birthday Sapienza Universita di Roma; 1-1M30
Ilić, Velimir ; Stanković, M. S.Generalized entropies: review and open questions2016The fourth conference on Information theory and complex systems, Beograd, Srbija; 18-18M60
Cajić, Milan ; Lazarević, MihailoGeneralized Forces of the Robotic System with Fractional Order Thermoviscoelastic Element2014XLIX International Scientific Conference on Information, Communication and Energy Systems and Technologies (ICEST 2014); 2; 286-287M30
Songxiao, Li; Stević, Stevo Generalized Hilbert operator and Fejér-Riesz type inequalities on the polydisc1-Jan-2009Acta Mathematica Scientia; 29(1); 191-200M23
Stević, Stevo ; Sharma, Ajay; Sharma, SomGeneralized integration operators from the space of integral transforms into bloch-Type spaces1-Jan-2012Journal of Computational Analysis and Applications; 14(6); 1139-1147M23