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Author(s)TitleIssue DateAppears inRank
Gajić, Borislav NON-VERTICAL PRECESSION OF THEFOUR-DIMENSIONAL RIGID BODY ON e(4)2015Mechanics through Mathematical Modeling MTMM2015, In the Honor of 70th Birthday of Academician Teodor Atanacković, Novi Sad, SerbiaM30
Jovanović, Božidar Noncommutative integrability and action-angle variables in contact geometry1-Jan-2012Journal of Symplectic Geometry; 10(4); 535-561M21
Bolsinov, Alexey; Jovanović, Božidar Noncommutative Integrability, Moment Map and Geodesic Flows1-Jan-2003Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry; 23(4); 305-322M22
Jovanović, Božidar Nonholonomic Flows on Stiefel Varieties with an Invariant Measure2004XI Congress of Mathematicians of Serbia and Montenegro, Petrovac, Sep. 28- Oct. 3, 2004; 22-22M30
Jovanović, Božidar Nonholonomic left and right flows on Lie groups26-Nov-1999Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General; 32(47); 8293-8302M21
Fedorov, Yuri; Jovanović, Božidar Nonholonomic LR systems as generalized chaplygin systems with an invariant measure and flows on homogeneous spaces1-Aug-2004Journal of Nonlinear Science; 14(4); 341-381M21a
Jovanović, Božidar Nonholonomic rigid body motion, integrable geodesic flows on the homogeneous spaces and the Neumann system2003Conference on Integrable Systems and Spectral Curves, Lille, 2003M30
Jovanović, Božidar Nonholonomic rigid body problems and modified LR and L+R systems2016Workshop Geometry and PDEs, 10-11 June, 2016M30
Farah, Ilijas Nonhomogeneity in products with β N-spaces1-Jan-2008Topology and its Applications; 155(4); 273-276M22
Tanović, Predrag Nonisolated regular types in superstable theories1997Logic Colloquium, Leeds, UK; 68-68M30
Atanasovska, Ivana ; Momčilović, Dejan; Mitrović, Radivoje; Soldat, Nataša; Nešić, NikolaNonlinear Dynamics as a Tool in Selection of Working Conditions for Radial Ball Bearing1-Jan-2020IUTAM Bookseries; IUTAM Symposium on Exploiting Nonlinear Dynamics for Engineering Systems, ENOLIDES 2018; 37; 49-58M33
Karličić, Danilo ; Cajić, Milan Nonlinear dynamics of a functionally graded nonlocal nanobeam in thermal environment by using incremental harmonic balance and Melnikov method20179th European Nonlinear Dynamics Conference (ENOC 2017); 1-2M30
Hedrih, Katica (Stevanović) Nonlinear dynamics of a gyro-rotor, and sensitive dependence on initial conditions of a heavy gyrorotor forced vibration/rotation motion1-Jan-2000Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Control of Oscillations and Chaos; 2nd International Conference. Control of Oscillations and Chaos, 5-7 July 2000, Saint Petersburg, Russia; 2; 259-266M33
Georgiades, Fotios; Hedrih, Anđelka ; Atanasovska, Ivana “Nonlinear Dynamics of Mechanical Systems” dedicated to 75th birthday and 52 years scientific contribution of Prof. Katica R. (Stevanovic) Hedrih12-Nov-2021Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science; 235(20); 4500-4502M28b
Mitrović, Radivoje; Atanasovska, Ivana ; Soldat, NatašaNonlinear dynamics of rolling ball bearings with defects in the outer ring race2016Mini-symposium “Non-Linear Dynamics with Applications in Engineering Systems”; 15-16M60
Karličić, Danilo ; Cajić, Milan ; Paunović, Stepa ; Adhikari, SondiponNonlinear energy harvester with coupled Duffing oscillators1-Dec-2020Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation; 91; 105394M21a
Vrećica, Teodor ; Toledo, YaronNONLINEAR EVOLUTION OF WATER WAVES AND THEIR DISPERSION RELATION IN COASTAL WATERS1-Jan-2023Theoretical and Applied Mechanics; 50(2); 159-169M24
Karličić, Danilo; Cajić, Milan Nonlinear Forced Vibrations of an Elastically Connected Circular Double-Membrane System2012Symposium Nonlinear Dynamics – Milutin Milanković, Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Applications, (SNDMIA 2012); 167-168M30
Cajić, Milan ; Karličić, DaniloNonlinear Free Vibrations of an Elastically Connected Circular Double-Membrane System2012Symposium Nonlinear Dynamics – Milutin Milanković, Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Applications, (SNDMIA 2012); 165-166M30
Hedrih, Katica (Stevanović) ; Hedrih, Anđelka Nonlinear Oscillations of a Complex Discrete System of Rigid Rods with Mass Particles on an Elastic Cantilever202116th Conference on DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS Theory and Applications DSTA 2021; 463-464M34