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Author(s)TitleIssue DateAppears inRank
Vukelić, Dejan Obrenovići u porodičnoj zaostavštini Krsmanović-Simić2022Obrenovići u muzejskim i drugim zbirkama Srbije i Evrope; 7; 259-291M44
Jimenez, Jorge; Serrano, María Luisa; Šešelja, Branimir; Tepavčević, Andreja Omega Ideals in Omega Rings and Systems of Linear Equations over Omega Fields2023Axioms; 12(8); 757~M21
Jimenez, Jorge; Serrano, María Luisa; Šešelja, Branimir; Tepavčević, Andreja Omega-rings2022Fuzzy Sets and Systems~M21a
Mihaljević, Miodrag J. On Advanced Techniques for Blockchain Technology and Some Applications2021E-business technologies (EBT) Conference, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Belgrade, 10-11 June 2021M32
Knežević, Milica On advances regarding Man-in-the-Middle attack against certain authentication protocol based on the LPN problem - Invited Lecture Presentation2021Seminar of the R.C. Bose Centre for Cryptology & Security, Indian Statistical Institute, India, Kolkata, 21st June 2021
Cornejo, M. Eugenia; Medina, Jesús; Štajner-Papuga, Ivana; Tepavčević, Andreja On Choquet Integral in Ranking Crimes2023European Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Mathematics ESCIM 2021; Computational Intelligence and Mathematics for Tackling Complex Problems 4M33
Stanojević, Bogdana ; Stanojević, MilanOn modeling regression in full interval-valued fuzzy environment2023Procedia Computer Science; 221; 1337-1342
Ranitović, Marijana Gorjanac; Tepavčević, Andreja On Planarity of Join-between Lattices2022Journal of Multiple-Valued Logic and Soft Computing; 38(1-2); 183-196~M21a
Todorović, Milan On Replacing the Consensus Protocol of Ethereum Blockchain Platform2020IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research; 16(1); 45-49
Zečević, Anđelka ; Ćulafić, Milica; Stojković, StefanOn Simplification of Discharge Summaries in Serbian: Facing the Challenges2024Workshop Proceedings; 1st Workshop on Patient-Oriented Language Processing, CL4Health 2024 at LREC-COLING 2024, Torino, Italy, 20 May 2024
Jovanović, Jelena; Šešelja, Branimir; Tepavčević, Andreja On the Uniqueness of Lattice Characterization of Groups2023Axioms; 12(2); 125~M22
Velimirović, Lazar ; Velimirović, Jelena ; Vranić, Petar Optimization of Number and Location for Electric Vehicles Chargers using Modified P-mediane202213th Conference on Electricity Distribution – Proceedings; 13th Conference on Electricity Distribution, Kopaonik, Serbia, September 12-16 2022; 1-8M33
Stanojević, Bogdana ; Stanojević, MilanOptimization-Based Fuzzy Regression in Full Compliance with the Extension Principle2023International Journal of Computers, Communications and Control; 18(2); 5320~M22
Jakšić Kruger, Tatjana ; Davidović, Tatjana ; Jelisavčić, Vladisav Parameter analysis of variable neighborhood search applied to multiprocessor scheduling with communication delays2022International Conference on Mathematical Optimization Theory and Operations Research, Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia, July 2-6, 2022; MOTOR 2022: Mathematical Optimization Theory and Operations Research: Recent Trends; 1661; 104-118M33
Janjić, Aleksandar; Velimirović, Lazar ; Stanković, MiomirPoboljšani algoritam lokacije kvara metodom polovljenja2021M82
Đorić, Maša ; Katić, JelenaPolynomial Entropy of Induced Maps of Circle and Interval Homeomorphisms2023Qualitative Theory of Dynamical Systems; 22; 103
Kovač, Nataša; Davidović, Tatjana ; Stanimirović, ZoricaPopulation-based Metaheuristics for the Dynamic Minimum Cost Hybrid Berth Allocation Problem1-Jun-2021International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools; 30(4); 2150017~M23
Petkovski, Ivana ; Milošević, IsidoraPost-hoc analysis of digital development in PLS-SEM2024XX International May Conference on Strategic Management, May 31, 2024, Bor, Serbia; IMCSM24 Proceedings; 20(1); 260-270M33
Velimirović, Lazar ; Janković, Radmila ; Vranić, Petar Predicting Solar Insolation Using MLR and RBF Based on Metheorological Parameters for Crni vrh and Niš, Serbia20217th Virtual International Conference on Science, Technology and Management in Energy, eNergetics 2021 - Proceedings; 7th Virtual International Conference on Science, Technology and Management in Energy – eNergetics 2021, Belgrade, Serbia, December 16-17, 2021; 461-468M33
Janković, Radmila ; Mihajlović, Ivan; Amelio, Alessia; Draganov, Ivo R.Predicting the Ecological Footprint: A Case Study for Italy, Pakistan and China28-Jul-202156th International Scientific Conference on Information, Communication and Energy Systems and Technologies, ICEST 2021, Sozopol, 16 June 2021 - 18 June 2021; 9483528M33