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Dragović, Vladimir ; Shramchenko, VasilisaAlgebro-Geometric Approach to an Okamoto Transformation, the Painlevé VI and Schlesinger Equations10-Apr-2019Annales Henri Poincare; 20(4); 1121-1148M22
Dragović, Vladimir ; Shramchenko, VasilisaAlgebro-Geometric Solutions of the Schlesinger Systems and the Poncelet-Type Polygons in Higher Dimensions4-Jul-2018International Mathematics Research Notices; 2018(13); 4229-4259M21
Dragović, Vladimir ; Shramchenko, VasilisaDeformations of the Zolotarev polynomials and Painlevé VI equations25-May-2021Letters in Mathematical Physics; 111(3); 75~M22
Dragović, Vladimir ; Shramchenko, VasilisaNote on algebro-geometric solutions to triangular Schlesinger systems2-Oct-2017Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics; 24(4); 571-583M21
Dragović, Vladimir ; Gontsov, Renat; Shramchenko, VasilisaTriangular Schlesinger systems and superelliptic curves1-Oct-2021Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena; 424; 132947~M21