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Fowler, Patrick; Stevanović, Dragan ; Milošević, MarkoCounterexamples to a conjecture of Dias on eigenvalues of chemical graphs14-Jun-2010Match; 63(3); 727-736M21a
Blagojević, Pavle ; Dimitrijević-Blagojević, Aleksandra ; Milošević, MarkoEquipartition of sphere measures by hyperplanes2006Filomat; 20(1); 1-11M51
Stevanović, Dragan ; Stanković, Ivan; Milošević, MarkoMore on the relation between energy and laplacian energy of graphs22-Jun-2009Match; 61(2); 395-401M21a
Damnjanović, Ivan; Milošević, Marko; Stevanović, Dragan A Note on Extremal Sombor Indices of Trees with a Given Degree Sequence1-Jan-2023Match; 90(1); 197-202~M22
Pokorný, Milan; Híc, Pavel; Stevanović, Dragan ; Milošević, MarkoOn distance integral graphs31-May-2015Discrete Mathematics; 338(10); 1784-1792M22
Milošević, Marko; Réti, Tamás; Stevanović, Dragan On the constant difference of Zagreb Indices1-Dec-2012Match; 68(1); 157-168M21a
Stevanović, Dragan ; Milošević, Marko; Híc, Pavel; Pokorný, MilanProof of a conjecture on distance energy of complete multipartite graphs1-Dec-2013Match; 70(1); 157-162M21a
Stanković, Ivan; Milošević, Marko; Stevanović, Dragan Small and not so small equienergetic graphs22-Jun-2009Match; 61(2); 443-450M21a
Stevanović, Dragan ; Milošević, MarkoA spectral proof of the uniqueness of a strongly regular graph with parameters (81, 20, 1, 6)1-May-2009European Journal of Combinatorics; 30(4); 957-968M21
Blagojević, Pavle ; Dimitrijević-Blagojević, Aleksandra ; Milošević, MarkoWeighted partitions of sphere measures by hyperplanes2006Filomat; 20(1); 13-22M51