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Author(s)TitleIssue DateAppears inRank
Tričković, Slobodan; Stanković, Miomir A new approach to the orthogonality of the Laguerre and Hermite polynomials1-Sep-2006Integral Transforms and Special Functions; 17(9); 661-672M23
Tričković, Slobodan; Stanković, Miomir ON A GENERALIZED FUNCTION-TO-SEQUENCE TRANSFORM1-Jan-2020Applicable Analysis and Discrete Mathematics; 14(2); 300-316M21
Tričković, Slobodan; Stanković, Miomir On a method for the construction of some q-orthogonal polynomials1-Jan-2003Integral Transforms and Special Functions; 14(4); 363-373M23
Tričković, Slobodan; Stanković, Miomir ; Aleksis, V. N.On closed form expressions for trigonometric series and series involving Bessel or Struve functions1-Jan-2003Zeitschrift fur Analysis und ihre Anwendung; 22(1); 187-198M23
Tričković, Slobodan; Stanković, Miomir On periodic solutions of a certain difference equation1-Jan-2004Fibonacci Quarterly; 42(4); 300-305M23
Tričković, Slobodan; Stanković, Miomir On the orthogonality of classical orthogonal polynomials1-Jan-2003Integral Transforms and Special Functions; 14(2); 129-138M23
Tričković, Slobodan; Stanković, Miomir ; Vidanović, MirjanaOn the summation of Schlömilch's series3-May-2020Integral Transforms and Special Functions; 31(5); 339-367M22
Tričković, Slobodan; Vidanović, Mirjana; Stanković, Miomir On the summation of series in terms of Bessel functions1-Jan-2006Zeitschrift fur Analysis und ihre Anwendung; 25(3); 393-406M23
Stanković, Miomir ; Vidanović, Mirjana; Tričković, SlobodanOn the Summation of Series Involving Bessel or Struve Functions1-Jul-2000Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications; 247(1); 15-26M22
Tričković, Slobodan; Vidanović, Mirjana; Stanković, Miomir On the summation of series over a product of Bessel functions1-Oct-2006Integral Transforms and Special Functions; 17(10); 749-758M23
Tričković, Slobodan; Vidanović, Mirjana; Stanković, Miomir On trigonometric series over integrals involving Bessel or Struve functions1-Nov-2009Integral Transforms and Special Functions; 20(11); 821-834M22
Stanković, Miomir ; Tričković, Slobodan; Vidanović, MirjanaSeries over the product of Bessel and trigonometric functions1-Jan-2001Integral Transforms and Special Functions; 11(3); 281-290M23
Stanković, Miomir ; Vidanović, Mirjana; Tričković, SlobodanSome series over the product of two trigonometric functions and series involving bessel functions1-Dec-2001Zeitschrift fur Analysis und ihre Anwendung; 20(1); 335-346
Stanković, Miomir ; Vidanović, Mirjana; Tričković, SlobodanSummation of some trigonometric and Schlömilch series1-Jan-2003Journal of Computational Analysis and Applications; 5(3); 313-331M23