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Dragović, Vladimir ; Kukić, KatarinaDiscriminantly separable polynomials and quad-equations1-Jan-2014Journal of Geometric Mechanics; 6(3); 319-333M21
Dragović, Vladimir ; Kukić, KatarinaDiscriminantly separable polynomials and the generalized Kowalevski top1-Jan-2017Theoretical and Applied Mechanics; 44(2); 229-236M24
Dragović, Vladimir ; Kukić, KatarinaDiscriminantly separable polynomials and their applications1-Jan-2015Springer Proceedings in Physics; International School and Workshop on Nonlinear Mathematical Physics and Natural Hazards, 2013; Sofia; Bulgaria; 28 November 2013 through 2 December 2013; 163; 49-58M14
Dragović, Vladimir ; Kukić, KatarinaFrom Kowalevski Top to Jurdjevic elasticae20134th International Congress of Serbian Society of Mechanics, June 4-7, 2013; 193-198M30
Dragović, Vladimir ; Kukić, KatarinaNew examples of systems of the Kowalevski type1-Oct-2011Regular and Chaotic Dynamics; 16(5); 484-495M22
Dragović, Vladimir ; Kukić, KatarinaQuad-graphs and discriminantly separable polynomials of type P 2 32013Sixth International Conference GADIES 2013; 80-88M30
Dragović, Vladimir ; Kukić, KatarinaRole of discriminantly separable polynomials in integrable dynamical systems1-Jan-2014AIP Conference Proceedings; Physics Conference, TIM 2013; West University of Timisoara; Romania; 21 November 2013 through 24 November 2013; 1634; 3-8
Dragović, Vladimir ; Kukić, KatarinaThe Sokolov case, integrable Kirchhoff elasticae, and genus 2 theta functions via discriminantly separable polynomials1-Jan-2014Proceedings of the Steklov Institute of Mathematics; 286(1); 224-239M23
Dragović, Vladimir ; Kukić, KatarinaSystems of Kowalevski type and discriminantly separable polynomials1-Mar-2014Regular and Chaotic Dynamics; 19(2); 162-184M22