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Petrović, Ljubomir; Zorica, Dušan ; Stojanac, Igor; Krstonosić, Veljko; Hadnadjev, Miroslav; Atanacković, TeodorA model of the viscoelastic behavior of flowable resin composites prior to setting1-Sep-2013Dental Materials; 29(9); 929-934M21a
Šarčev, Ivan; Šarčev, Branislava Petronijević; Krstonošić, Veljko; Janev, Marko ; Atanacković, TeodorModeling the rheological properties of four commercially available composite core build-up materials25-Aug-2020Polymers and Polymer CompositesM22
Lukešević, Lidija Rehlicki; Janev, Marko ; Novaković, Branislava; Atanacković, TeodorMoving point load on a beam with viscoelastic foundation containing fractional derivatives of complex order2022Acta Mechanica~M22
Atanacković, Teodor; Bouras, Yanni; Zorica, Dušan Nano- and viscoelastic Beck’s column on elastic foundation23-Jul-2015Acta Mechanica; 226(7); 2335-2345M22
Janev, Marko ; Atanacković, Teodor; Pilipović, StevanNOETHER'S THEOREM FOR HERGLOTZ TYPE VARIATIONAL PROBLEMS UTILIZING COMPLEX FRACTIONAL DERIVATIVES1-Jan-2021Theoretical and Applied Mechanics; 48(2); 127-142M24
Atanacković, Teodor; Janev, Marko ; Pilipović, StevanNoether’s theorem for variational problems of Herglotz type with real and complex order fractional derivatives9-Jan-2021Acta Mechanica; 232(3); 1131-1146~M22
Atanacković, Teodor; Janev, Marko ; Pilipović, StevanNon-linear boundary value problems involving Caputo derivatives of complex fractional order1-Oct-2018Applied Mathematics and Computation; 334; 326-342M21a
Bouras, Yanni; Zorica, Dušan ; Atanacković, Teodor; Vrcelj, ZoraA non-linear thermo-viscoelastic rheological model based on fractional derivatives for high temperature creep in concrete1-Mar-2018Applied Mathematical Modelling; 55; 551-568M21
Zorica, Dušan ; Atanacković, Teodor; Vrcelj, Zora; Novaković, BranislavaNon-local axially loaded rod placed on viscoelastic and Pasternak type foundation: dynamic stability analysis20176th Congress of the Serbian Society of MechanicsM30
Rehlicki, Lidija; Janev, Marko ; Novaković, Branislava; Atanacković, TeodorOn Post-Critical Behavior of a Beam on an Elastic Foundation1-Jun-2018International Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics; 18(6)M21
Atanacković, Teodor; Zorica, Dušan On the Bagley-Torvik equation28-May-2013Journal of Applied Mechanics, Transactions ASME; 80(4)M22
Challamel, Noël; Zorica, Dušan ; Atanacković, Teodor; Spasić, DraganOn the fractional generalization of Eringen's nonlocal elasticity for wave propagation1-Mar-2013Comptes Rendus - Mecanique; 341(3); 298-303M22
Atanacković, Teodor; Janev, Marko ; Pilipović, StevanOn the thermodynamical restrictions in isothermal deformations of fractional Burgers model29-May-2020Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences; 378(2172); 20190278M21
Janev, Marko ; Vrcelj, Zora; Atanacković, TeodorOptimal shape of the rotating nano rodJun-2021International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics; 132; 103688~M22
Atanacković, Teodor; Pilipović, Stevan; Zorica, Dušan Properties of the Caputo-Fabrizio fractional derivative and its distributional settings23-Feb-2018Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis; 21(1); 29-44M21a
Atanacković, Teodor; Janev, Marko ; Pilipović, StevanRestrictions on parameters in distributed order fractional linear constitutive equations1-Oct-2022Applied Mathematical Modelling; 110; 99-111~M21a
Atanacković, Teodor; Novaković, Branislava; Vrcelj, Zora; Zorica, Dušan Rotating Nanorod with clamped ends1-Jan-2015International Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics; 15(3)M22
Atanacković, Teodor; Janev, Marko ; Oparnica, Ljubica; Pilipović, Stevan; Zorica, Dušan Space-time fractional Zener wave equation8-Feb-2015Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences; 471(2174)M21
Atanacković, Teodor; Zorica, Dušan Stability of the rotating compressed nano-rod1-Jan-2014ZAMM Zeitschrift fur Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik; 94(6); 499-504M21
Konjik, Sanja; Atanacković, Teodor; Oparnica, Ljubica; Zorica, Dušan Thermodynamical restrictions and wave propagation for a class of fractional order viscoelastic rods16-Sep-2011Abstract and Applied Analysis; 2011M21a