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Author(s)TitleIssue DateAppears inRank
Dragović, Vladimir ; Radnović, MilenaPeriods of Pseudo-Integrable Billiards1-Mar-2015Arnold Mathematical Journal; 1(1); 69-73
Dragović, Vladimir ; Gajić, Borislav Points with rotational ellipsoids of inertia, envelopes of hyperplanes which equally fit the system of points in Rk, and ellipsoidal billiards2023Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena; 133776~M21a
Dragović, Vladimir ; Goryuchkina, IrinaPolygons of Petrović and Fine, algebraic ODEs, and contemporary mathematics1-Jan-2020Archive for History of Exact SciencesM22
Dragović, Vladimir Polynomial dynamics and a proof of the fermat little theorem1-Feb-2013American Mathematical Monthly; 120(2); 171-173M23
Dragović, Vladimir ; Gajić, Borislav Polynomial Lax representations and rigid-body systems2002ICM 2002, PekingM30
Dragović, Vladimir ; Radnović, MilenaPoncelet Porisms and Beyond2011M11
Dragović, Vladimir Poncelet-Darboux curves, their complete decomposition and Marden theorem8-Aug-2011International Mathematics Research Notices; 2011(15); 3502-3523M21
Dragović, Vladimir ; Radnović, MilenaPseudo-integrable billiards and arithmetic dynamics1-Jan-2014Journal of Modern Dynamics; 8(1); 109-132M21
Dragović, Vladimir ; Radnović, MilenaPseudo-integrable billiards and double reflection nets1-Jan-2015Russian Mathematical Surveys; 70(1); 1-31M21a
Dragović, Vladimir ; Kukić, KatarinaQuad-graphs and discriminantly separable polynomials of type P 2 32013Sixth International Conference GADIES 2013; 80-88M30
Dragović, Vladimir R-matrice i algebarske krive1992doctoral thesis: Matematički fakultet, Univerzitet u BeograduM70
Dragović, Vladimir ; Radnović, MilenaResonance of ellipsoidal billiard trajectories and extremal rational functions2023Advances in Mathematics; 424; 109044~M21
Dragović, Vladimir Resonances of Ellipsoidal Billiards and Extremal Rational Functions2021International conference "Regular and Chaotic Dynamics", Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow, Russia, 22 Nov – 2 Dec, 2021M32
Dragović, Vladimir ; Gajić, Borislav ; Jovanović, Božidar Rigid body systems of hess-appel'rot type and partial reductions1-Dec-2009AIP Conference Proceedings; 28th Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics, WGMP 2009; Bialowieza; Poland; 28 June 2009 through 4 July 2009; 1191; 72-79M30
Dragović, Vladimir ; Kukić, KatarinaRole of discriminantly separable polynomials in integrable dynamical systems1-Jan-2014AIP Conference Proceedings; Physics Conference, TIM 2013; West University of Timisoara; Romania; 21 November 2013 through 24 November 2013; 1634; 3-8
Dragović, Vladimir Separabilty in Hamilton–Jacobi Sense in Two Degrees of Freedom and the Appell Hypergeometric Functions1-Jan-2005Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics; 12(2); 170-177M23
Dragović, Vladimir ; Gajić, Borislav ; Jovanović, Božidar Singular Manakov flows and geodesic flows on homogeneous spaces of SO(N)1-Sep-2009Transformation Groups; 14(3); 513-530M22
Dragović, Vladimir ; Gajić, Borislav Skew-symmetric lax polynomial matrices and integrable rigid body systems1-Jan-2005Mathematical, Theoretical and Phenomenological Challenges Beyond the Standard Model: Perspectives of the Balkan Collaborations; 208-219
Dragović, Vladimir ; Kukić, KatarinaThe Sokolov case, integrable Kirchhoff elasticae, and genus 2 theta functions via discriminantly separable polynomials1-Jan-2014Proceedings of the Steklov Institute of Mathematics; 286(1); 224-239M23
Dragović, Vladimir Solutions of the Yang equation and algebraic curves of genus > 11-Jan-1997Functional Analysis and its Applications; 31(2); 129-131M23