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Author(s)TitleIssue DateAppears inRank
Farah, Ilijas ; Manhal, NajlaNonseparable CCR algebras30-Sep-2021International Journal of Mathematics; 2150094~M23
Farah, Ilijas ; Katsura, TakeshiNonseparable UHF algebras I: Dixmier's problem1-Oct-2010Advances in Mathematics; 225(3); 1399-1430M21a
Farah, Ilijas ; Katsura, TakeshiNonseparable UHF algebras II: Classification1-Jan-2015Mathematica Scandinavica; 117(1); 105-125M23
Farah, Ilijas OCA and towers in P(N)/fin1-Jan-1996Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae; 37(4); 861-866
Carlson, Kevin; Cheung, Enoch; Farah, Ilijas ; Gerhardt-Bourke, Alexander; Hart, Bradd; Mezuman, Leanne; Sequeira, Nigel; Sherman, AlexanderOmitting types and AF algebras1-Feb-2014Archive for Mathematical Logic; 53(1-2); 157-169M22
Farah, Ilijas ; Magidor, MenachemOmitting types in logic of metric structures1-Dec-2018Journal of Mathematical Logic; 18(2)M21a
Braga, Bruno M.; Farah, Ilijas ; Vignati, AlessandroOperator norm localization property for equi-approximable families of projections1-Jan-2024Journal of Noncommutative Geometry; 18(2); 657-680~M22
Farah, Ilijas ; Hindman, Neil; McLeod, JillianPartition theorems for layered partial semigroups1-Jan-2002Journal of Combinatorial Theory. Series A; 98(2); 268-311M22
Farah, Ilijas Powers of ℕ*1-Jan-2002Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society; 130(4); 1243-1246M22
Farah, Ilijas Preface1-Jan-2019Springer Monographs in Mathematics; vii-viii
Eagle, Christopher James; Farah, Ilijas ; Kirchberg, Eberhard; Vignati, AlessandroQuantifier elimination in C*-algebras1-Dec-2017International Mathematics Research Notices; 2017(24); 7580-7606M21
Farah, Ilijas Reductions between meager ideals1-Aug-2007Journal of Mathematical Sciences; 144(5); 4511-4515
Farah, Ilijas The relative commutant of separable C*-algebras of real rank zero1-Jun-2009Journal of Functional Analysis; 256(11); 3841-3846M21
Farah, Ilijas ; Hart, Bradd; Rørdam, Mikael; Tikuisis, AaronRelative commutants of strongly self-absorbing C*-algebras1-Jan-2017Selecta Mathematica, New Series; 23(1); 363-387M21
Farah, Ilijas ; Ilan HirshbergA Rigid Hyperfinite Type II1 Factor27-Apr-2020International Mathematics Research Notices; rnaa067
Farah, Ilijas ; Shelah, SaharonRigidity of continuous quotients1-Jan-2016Journal of the Institute of Mathematics of Jussieu; 15(1); 1-28M21
Farah, Ilijas Selected applications of logic to classification problem for C*-algebras1-Jan-2014Lecture Notes Series, Institute for Mathematical Sciences; 27; 1-81
Farah, Ilijas Semiselective coideals1-Jun-1998Mathematika; 45(1); 79-103M21
Farah, Ilijas ; Dan Hathaway; Katsura, Takeshi; Tikuisis, AaronA simple C*-algebra with finite nuclear dimension which is not Z-stable21-Jan-2014Münster Journal of Mathematics; 7(2); 515-528
Farah, Ilijas ; Hirshberg, IlanSimple nuclear C∗-algebras not isomorphic to their opposites13-Jun-2017Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America; 114(24); 6244-6249M21a