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Janković, Slobodanka ; Davidović, Tatjana Analysis of Reliability of a Two-Unit System Using Monte-Carlo Method200013th Annual Meeting of the Greek Statistical Institute; 129-135M30
Janković, Slobodanka ; Kadelburg, Zoran; Radenović, Stojan; Rhoades, Billy E.Assad-kirk-type fixed point theorems for a pair of nonself mappings on cone metric spaces2-Sep-2009Fixed Point Theory and Applications; 2009M21a
Janković, Slobodanka ; Golubović, Zorana; Radenović, StojanCompatible and weakly compatible mappings in cone metric spaces1-Nov-2010Mathematical and Computer Modelling; 52(9-10); 1728-1738M22
Janković, Slobodanka A contribution to the theory of sum and maxima of a random number of random variables1985doctoral thesis: Matematički fakultet, Univerzitet u BeograduM70
Janković, Slobodanka ; Ostrogorski, Tatjana Convex additively slowly varying functions1-Oct-2002Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications; 274(1); 228-238M22
Janković, Slobodanka ; Ostrogorski, Tatjana Decomposition of convex additively slowly varying functions1-Jan-2003Integral Transforms and Special Functions; 14(4); 301-306M23
Janković, Slobodanka ; Ostrogorski, Tatjana Differences of decreasing slowly varying functions1-Dec-2000Matematički Vesnik; 52(3-4); 113-118
Janković, Slobodanka ; Ostrogorski, Tatjana Differences of slowly varying functions15-Jul-2000Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications; 247(2); 478-488M22
Janković, Slobodanka Embedded stochastic processes in some queuing systems1976master thesis: Matematički fakultet, Univerzitet u BeograduM71
Janković, Slobodanka How to distinguish between record types1-Dec-1999Yugoslav Journal of Operations Research; 9(1); 141-146
Davidović, Tatjana ; Janković, Slobodanka Investigation of Reliability of a Two-Unit Standby System with Repair and with Economical Preventive Maintenance Using Simulation20064th Int. Conf. Simulation in industry and services; 55-72M30
Janković, Slobodanka ; Merkle, MilanA mean value theorem for systems of integrals1-Jun-2008Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications; 342(1); 334-339M21
Janković, Slobodanka On continuation of max-stable laws1-Jan-1998Journal of Mathematical Sciences; 92(3); 3900-3905
Janković, Slobodanka ; Ostrogorski, Tatjana The property of good decomposition in Hardy field1-Jan-2004Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics; 35(10); 1179-1183M23
Davidović, Tatjana ; Janković, Slobodanka Reliability analysis of a two-unit standby system by computer simulation1-Jan-2003Yugoslav Journal of Operations Research; 13(1); 85-94