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Author(s)TitleIssue DateAppears inRank
Klén, Riku; Todorčević, Vesna ; Simić, Slavko ; Vuorinen, MattiBernoulli inequality and hypergeometric functions1-Jan-2014Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society; 142(2); 559-573M22
Simić, Slavko Best possible global bounds for jensen functional1-Jul-2010Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society; 138(7); 2457-2462M22
Simić, Slavko Best possible global bounds for Jensen's inequality15-Nov-2009Applied Mathematics and Computation; 215(6); 2224-2228M21
Simić, Slavko Best λ-approximations for analytic functions of medium growth on the unit disc1-Jan-2001Matematički Vesnik; 53(1-2); 15-19
Simić, Slavko Convolutions with slowly varying functions in the complex domain1-Dec-2005Integral Transforms and Special Functions; 16(8); 707-711M23
Simić, Slavko An extension of stolarsky means to the multivariable case24-Nov-2009International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences; 2009
Simić, Slavko Extremal properties of a special class of entire functions1-Sep-2006Integral Transforms and Special Functions; 17(9); 653-659M23
Simić, Slavko Extreme values and entire functions of finite order1-Apr-2006Statistics and Probability Letters; 76(7); 703-708M23
Simić, Slavko ; Radenović, StojanA functional inequality1-Jan-1996Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications; 197(2); 489-494
Simić, Slavko Further improvements of Hermite-Hadamard integral inequality1-Jan-2019Kragujevac Journal of Mathematics; 43(2); 259-265M51
Simić, Slavko Generalized binomial law and regularly varying moments1-Dec-2003Matematički Vesnik; 55(1-2); 31-36
Simić, Slavko ; Bin-Mohsin, BandarGlobal bounds for the generalized jensen functional with applications6-Nov-2021Symmetry; 13(11); 2105~M22
Simić, Slavko Inequalities for Ψ function1-Jan-2007Mathematical Inequalities and Applications; 10(1); 45-48M23
Simić, Slavko ; Todorčević, Vesna Jensen Functional, Quasi-Arithmetic Mean and Sharp Converses of Hölder’s Inequalities1-Dec-2021Mathematics; 9(23); 3104~M21a
Simić, Slavko Jensen's inequality and new entropy bounds1-Aug-2009Applied Mathematics Letters; 22(8); 1262-1265M22
Simić, Slavko ; Vuorinen, MattiLanden inequalities for zero-balanced hypergeometric functions19-Apr-2012Abstract and Applied Analysis; 2012M21a
Simić, Slavko ; Vuorinen, MattiLipschitz conditions and the distance ratio metric1-Jan-2015Filomat; 29(9); 2137-2146M21
Simić, Slavko Lipschitz continuity of the distance ratio metric on the unit disk3-Dec-2013Filomat; 27(8); 1505-1509M21
Hajja, Mowaffaq; Bullen, Peter; Matkowski, Janusz; Neuman, Edward; Simić, Slavko Means and their inequalities19-Aug-2013International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences; 2013
Simić, Slavko A note on differences of power means1-Dec-2009Publications de l'Institut Mathematique; 86(100); 35-39M24