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Author(s)TitleIssue DateAppears inRank
Simić, Slavko A note on differences of power means1-Dec-2009Publications de l'Institut Mathematique; 86(100); 35-39M24
Simić, Slavko A note on Newton's inequality1-Dec-2009Journal of Inequalities in Pure and Applied Mathematics; 10(2); 1-4
Simić, Slavko On a class of mean values including Jensen functionals26-Dec-2008Publicationes Mathematicae; 73(3-4); 461-469M23
Simić, Slavko On a class of self-Improving inequalities1-Dec-2013Kragujevac Journal of Mathematics; 37(2); 269-273M51
Simić, Slavko On a converse of Jensen's discrete inequality1-Dec-2009Journal of Inequalities and Applications; 2009M22
Simić, Slavko On a convexity property1-Jan-2016Kragujevac Journal of Mathematics; 40(2); 166-171M51
Simić, Slavko On a global upper bound for Jensen's inequality1-Jul-2008Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications; 343(1); 414-419M21
Simić, Slavko On a hierarchy of means1-Dec-2013Journal of Inequalities and Applications; 2013M21
Simić, Slavko On a moment inequality for laws on (- ∞, + ∞)15-Nov-2009Statistics and Probability Letters; 79(22); 2334-2337M23
Simić, Slavko On a new converse of Jensen's inequality29-Jun-2009Publications de l'Institut Mathematique; 85(99); 107-110M24
Simić, Slavko On a new moments inequality1-Nov-2008Statistics and Probability Letters; 78(16); 2671-2678M23
Simić, Slavko On a property of entire functions with almost negative zeros1-Oct-2007Applicable Analysis and Discrete Mathematics; 1(2); 353-359
Simić, Slavko On an upper bound for Jensen's inequality1-Dec-2009Journal of Inequalities in Pure and Applied Mathematics; 10(2); 1-5
Simić, Slavko On asymptotic behavior of regularly varying moments for discrete laws1-Jan-2009Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods; 38(1); 130-137M23
Simić, Slavko On certain new inequalities in information theory1-Oct-2009Acta Mathematica Hungarica; 124(4); 353-361M23
Simić, Slavko On complex-valued matrlx transforms with slowly varying sequences1-Dec-2007Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics; 38(6); 603-607M23
Simić, Slavko On hadamard type polynomial convolutions with regularly varying sequences3-Jul-2006Matematički Vesnik; 58(1-2); 13-17
Simić, Slavko On logarithmic convexity for differences of power means1-Dec-2007Journal of Inequalities and Applications; 2007M23
Simić, Slavko ; Vuorinen, MattiOn quotients and differences of hypergeometric functions1-Dec-2011Journal of Inequalities and Applications; 2011M21
Simić, Slavko On regularly varying moments for discrete laws1-Mar-2010Studia Scientiarum Mathematicarum Hungarica; 47(1); 118-126M23