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Perovich, Slavica; Simić, Slobodan ; Tošić, Dejan; Bauk, SanjaOn the analytical solution of some families of transcendental equations1-Jan-2007Applied Mathematics Letters; 20(5); 493-498M22
Simić, Slobodan ; Li Marzi, Enzo Maria; Belardo, FrancescoOn the index of caterpillars6-Feb-2008Discrete Mathematics; 308(2-3); 324-330M23
Belardo, Francesco; Li Marzi, Enzo; Simić, Slobodan ; Wang, JianfengOn the index of necklaces1-Mar-2010Graphs and Combinatorics; 26(2); 163-172M23
Belardo, Francesco; Simić, Slobodan On the Laplacian coefficients of signed graphs15-Jun-2015Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 475; 94-113M21
Simić, Slobodan ; Anđelić, Milica; Da Fonseca, Carlos; Živković, DejanOn the multiplicities of eigenvalues of graphs and their vertex deleted subgraphs: Old and new results1-Jan-2015Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra; 30; 85-105M23
Simić, Slobodan ; Stanić, ZoranOn the polynomial reconstruction of graphs whose vertex-deleted subgraphs have spectra bounded from below by -215-Apr-2008Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 428(8-9); 1865-1873M22
Alazemi, Abdullah; Anđelić, Milica; Simić, Slobodan On the spectral invariants of symmetric matrices with applications in the spectral graph theory1-Jan-2017Filomat; 31(10); 2925-2932M22
Huang, Ziwen; Deng, Hanyuan; Simić, Slobodan On the spectral radius of cactuses with perfect matchings1-Apr-2011Applicable Analysis and Discrete Mathematics; 5(1); 14-21M21
Geng, Xianya; Li, Shuchao; Simić, Slobodan On the spectral radius of quasi-k-cyclic graphs15-Dec-2010Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 433(8-10); 1561-1572M22
Belardo, Francesco; Li Marzi, Enzo; Simić, Slobodan ; Wang, JianfengOn the spectral radius of unicyclic graphs with prescribed degree sequence15-Apr-2010Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 432(9); 2323-2334M22
Belardo, Francesco; Li Marzi, Enzo; Simić, Slobodan Ordering graphs with index in the interval (2, sqrt(2 + sqrt(5)))28-May-2008Discrete Applied Mathematics; 156(10); 1670-1682M22
Krapež, Aleksandar ; Simić, Slobodan ; Tošić, DejanParastrophically uncancellable quasigroup equations13-May-2010Aequationes Mathematicae; 79(3); 261-280M21
Simić, Slobodan ; Stanić, ZoranPolynomial reconstruction of signed graphs15-Jul-2016Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 501; 390-408M21
Simić, Slobodan ; Stanić, ZoranPolynomial reconstruction of signed graphs whose least eigenvalue is close to -21-Jan-2016Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra; 31(1); 740-753M23
Simić, Slobodan ; Stanić, ZoranThe polynomial reconstruction of unicyclic graphs is unique1-Jan-2007Linear and Multilinear Algebra; 55(1); 35-43M22
Simić, Slobodan ; Stanić, ZoranQ-integral graphs with edge-degrees at most five28-Oct-2008Discrete Mathematics; 308(20); 4625-4634M23
Barbedo, Inês; Cardoso, Domingos; Cvetković, Dragoš; Rama, Paula; Simić, Slobodan A recursive construction of the regular exceptional graphs with least eigenvalue -21-Jan-2014Portugaliae Mathematica; 71(2); 79-96M23
Simić, Slobodan ; Živković, Dejan; Anđelić, Milica; da Fonseca, CarlosReflexive line graphs of trees1-Mar-2016Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics; 43(2); 447-464M21
Anđelić, Milica; Simić, Slobodan ; Živković, DejanReflexive Line Graphs of Trees and Salem Numbers1-Oct-2019Mediterranean Journal of Mathematics; 16(5)M21
Andelić, Milica; Cardoso, Domingos; Simić, Slobodan Relations between (κ, τ)-regular sets and star complements2-Apr-2013Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal; 63(1); 73-90M23