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Ćiprijanović, Aleksandra Contribution of galaxies and galaxy clusters to the diffuse gamma-ray background1-Apr-2017Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific; 129(974)M21
Ćiprijanović, Aleksandra ; Snyder, Gregory; Nord, Brian; Peek, JoshuaDeepMerge: Classifying high-redshift merging galaxies with deep neural networks1-Jul-2020Astronomy and Computing; 32; 100390M22
Ćiprijanović, Aleksandra Doprinos kosmoloških kosmičkih zraka pozadini gama-zračenja2011master thesis: Matematički fakultet, Univerzitet u BeograduM72
Ćiprijanović, Aleksandra Doprinos zračenja galaksija i galaktičkih jata pozadinskom gama zračenju2016doctoral thesis: Matematički fakultet, Univerzitet u BeograduM70
Ćiprijanović, Aleksandra Galactic cosmic-ray induced production of lithium in the Small Magellanic Cloud1-Dec-2016Astroparticle Physics; 85; 24-28M21
Vučetić, M. M.; Trčka, Ana; Arbutina, Bojan; Ćiprijanović, Aleksandra ; Pavlović, Marko; Urošević, Dragan ; Petrov, NikolaOptical observations of NGC 1156 galaxy in narrowband [SII] and Hα filters1-Jan-2018Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions; 30(4); 379-386
Vučetić, M.; Ćiprijanović, Aleksandra ; Pavlović, Marko; Pannuti, Thomas; Petrov, Nikola; Göker, Ümit Deniz; Ercan, Enise NihalOptical observations of the nearby galaxy IC342 with narrow band [SII] and Hα filters. II - detection of 16 optically-identified supernova remnant candidates1-Jan-2015Serbian Astronomical Journal; 2015(191); 67-74M23
Vučetić, M.; Onić, Dušan; Petrov, Nikola; Ćiprijanović, Aleksandra ; Pavlović, MarkoOptical observations of the nearby galaxy NGC 2366 through narrowband Hα and [Sii] filters. Supernova remnants status1-Jan-2019Serbian Astronomical Journal; 198; 13-23M23
Vukotić, Branislav; Ćiprijanović, Aleksandra ; Vučetić, M.; Onić, Dušan; Urosević, DejanUpdated radio Σ-D relation for galactic supernova remnants-ii1-Jan-2019Serbian Astronomical Journal; 199; 23-37M23