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Velimirović, Lazar ; Janjić, Aleksandar; Vranić, Petar ; Petkovski, Ivana ; Velimirović, Jelena Solving Electric Vehicle Routing Problem Using Hybrid Algorithm Based on Dynamic Programming202331st Telecommunications forum TELFOR 2023, Belgrade, Serbia; 463-466
Vranić, Petar Structural Changes And The Crisis of Public Space: A Case Study of Niš, Serbia2012IV International Symposium PhIDAC 2012, 27 - 28. September, Niš, Serbia; 256-264M33
Vranić, Petar Sustainable Development At The Cost of Social Exclusion - a Case Study of The Stockholm Royal Seaport Development2012IV International Symposium PhIDAC 2012, 27 - 28. September, Niš, Serbia; 264-270M33
Milutinović, Slobodan; Vranić, Petar ; Maksić, MlicaTowards Sustainable Urban Model – A Framework for Developing Indicators for Planning And Designing Networks of Green Spaces in Urban Centers in Serbia2013III International Conference „Ecology of urban areas“, Ečka-Zrenjanin, 11th October, Serbia, 2013; 469-479M33
Rogers, Kenton; Andreucci, Maria-Beatrice; Jones, Nerys; Japelj, Anže; Vranić, Petar The Value of Valuing: Recognising the Benefits of the Urban Forest28-Feb-2017The Urban Forest; 7; 283-299M42