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Author(s)TitleIssue DateAppears inRank
Stevanović, Dragan Remarks on dynamic load balancing of integer loads and integral graphs1-Jan-2014Applied Mathematics and Computation; 226; 38-43M21
Stevanović, Dragan Remarks on Fowler-Manolopoulos predictor of fullerene stability7-Nov-2011Match; 66(1); 285-292M21a
Stevanović, Dragan Remarks on graphs with majority of eigenvalues at most -11-Jul-2003Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 367; 337-340M22
Stevanović, Dragan ; Stanković, IvanRemarks on hyperenergetic circulant graphs1-May-2005Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 400(1-3); 345-348M22
Pokorný, Milan; Híc, Pavel; Stevanović, Dragan Remarks on Q-integral complete multipartite graphs1-Oct-2013Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 439(7); 2029-2037M22
Stevanović, Dragan Research problems from the Aveiro Workshop on Graph Spectra1-May-2007Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 423(1); 172-181M22
Stevanović, Dragan Resolution of AutoGraphiX conjectures relating the index and matching number of graphs15-Dec-2010Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 433(8-10); 1674-1677M22
Grünewald, Stefan; Stevanović, Dragan Semiharmonic bicyclic graphs1-Jan-2005Applied Mathematics Letters; 18(11); 1228-1238M23
Aouchiche, Mustapha; Hansen, Pierre; Stevanović, Dragan A sharp upper bound on algebraic connectivity using domination number1-Jun-2010Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 432(11); 2879-2893M22
Feng, Lihua; Lu, Lu; Stevanović, Dragan A short remark on graphs with two main eigenvalues15-Mar-2020Applied Mathematics and Computation; 369; 124858M21a
Yu, Guihai; Feng, Lihua; Ilić, Aleksandar; Stevanović, Dragan The signless laplacian spectral radius of bounded degree graphs on surfaces1-Jan-2015Applicable Analysis and Discrete Mathematics; 9(2); 332-346
Feng, Lihua; Yu, Guihai; Ilić, Aleksandar; Stevanović, Dragan The signless Laplacian spectral radius of graphs on surfaces1-May-2013Linear and Multilinear Algebra; 61(5); 573-581M22
Stanković, Ivan; Milošević, Marko; Stevanović, Dragan Small and not so small equienergetic graphs22-Jun-2009Match; 61(2); 443-450M21a
Cvetković, Dragoš; Stevanović, Dragan Spectral moments of fullerene graphs1-Jan-2004Match; 50; 63-72M22
Stevanović, Dragan ; Milošević, MarkoA spectral proof of the uniqueness of a strongly regular graph with parameters (81, 20, 1, 6)1-May-2009European Journal of Combinatorics; 30(4); 957-968M21
Damnjanović, Ivan; Filipovski, Slobodan; Stevanović, Dragan Spectral properties of balanced trees and dendrimers2023Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 657; 163-196~M21
Fath-Tabar, Gholam; Ashrafi, Ali Reza; Stevanović, Dragan Spectral properties of fullerenes1-Mar-2012Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience; 9(3); 327-329M22
Stevanović, Dragan Spectral radius of graphs2018Combinatorial matrix theory; 83-130M14
Stevanović, Dragan Spectral Radius of Graphs2015M14
Oliveira, Elismar; Stevanović, Dragan ; Trevisan, VilmarSpectral radius ordering of starlike trees3-May-2020Linear and Multilinear Algebra; 68(5); 991-1000M21