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Németh, László; Stevanović, Dragan GRAPH SOLUTION OF A SYSTEM OF RECURRENCE EQUATIONS2023Teaching of Mathematics; 26(1); 5-13
Ghebleh, Mohammad; Kanso, Ali; Stevanović, Dragan Graph6Java: A researcher–friendly Java framework for testing conjectures in chemical graph theory1-Jan-2019Match; 81(3); 737-770M21
Stevanović, Dragan Hosoya polynomial of composite graphs28-May-2001Discrete Mathematics; 235(1-3); 237-244M22
Stevanović, Dragan ; Milanič, MartinImproved inequality between zagreb indices of trees1-Dec-2012Match; 68(1); 147-156M21a
Stevanović, Dragan Konstrukcije grafova sa datim spektrom i uglovima1998master thesis: Filozofski fakultet, Univerzitet u NišuM71
Stevanović, Dragan ; Wagner, StephanLaplacian-Energy-Like Invariant: Laplacian Coefficients, Extremal Graphs and Bounds2016Energies of Graphs - Theory and Applications; 17; 81-110M14
Stevanović, Dragan Laplacian-like energy of trees22-Jun-2009Match; 61(2); 407-417M21a
Stevanović, Dragan Large sets of noncospectral graphs with equal laplacian energy22-Jun-2009Match; 61(2); 463-470M21a
Stevanović, Dragan The largest eigenvalue of nonregular graphs1-Jan-2004Journal of Combinatorial Theory. Series B; 91(1); 143-146M21
Stevanović, Dragan ; Ilić, Aleksandar; Onişor, Cristina; Diudea, MirceaLEL - A newly designed molecular descriptor10-Jul-2009Acta Chimica Slovenica; 56(2); 410-417M22
Vasilyev, Alexander; Stevanović, Dragan MathChem: A python package for calculating topological Indices14-Apr-2014Match; 71(3); 657-680M21
Stevanović, Dragan Maximizing Wiener index of graphs with fixed maximum degree10-Jul-2008Match; 60(1); 71-83M21a
He, Xiaocong; Feng, Lihua; Stevanović, Dragan THE MAXIMUM SPECTRAL RADIUS OF GRAPHS WITH A LARGE CORE2023Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra; 39; 78-89~M22
Feng, Lihua; Li, Ziyuan; Liu, Weijun; Lu, Lu; Stevanović, Dragan Minimal Harary index of unicyclic graphs with diameter at most 415-Sep-2020Applied Mathematics and Computation; 381M21a
Stevanović, Dragan ; Hansen, PierreThe minimum spectral radius of graphs with a given clique number1-Mar-2008Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra; 17; 110-117M22
Stevanović, Dragan ; Stanković, Ivan; Milošević, MarkoMore on the relation between energy and laplacian energy of graphs22-Jun-2009Match; 61(2); 395-401M21a
Stevanović, Dragan Neke kompozicije grafova igrafovi sa celobrojnim spektrom2000doctoral thesis: Prirodno-matematički fakultet, Univerzitet u NišuM70
Dress, Andreas; Stevanović, Dragan A note on a theorem of Horst Sachs1-Jan-2005Annals of Combinatorics; 8(4); 487-497
Damnjanović, Ivan; Milošević, Marko; Stevanović, Dragan A Note on Extremal Sombor Indices of Trees with a Given Degree Sequence1-Jan-2023Match; 90(1); 197-202~M22
Majstorović, Snježana; Stevanović, Dragan A note on graphs whose largest eigenvalue of the modularity matrix equals zero1-Jan-2014Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra; 27; 611-618M22