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Author(s)TitleIssue DateAppears inRank
Chang, Der Chen; Stević, Stevo Addendum to the paper "a note on weighted Bergman spaces and the Cesàro operator"1-Dec-2005Nagoya Mathematical Journal; 180; 77-90M21
Stević, Stevo Application of difference equations in divisibility1-Nov-2012Applied Mathematics and Computation; 219(4); 2060-2066M21
Stević, Stevo Application of Equilibrium Points in Solving Difference Equations and a New Class of Solvable Nonlinear Systems of Difference Equations2022Journal of Nonlinear and Convex Analysis; 23(1); 1-17~M22
Stević, Stevo Approximating fixed points of strongly pseudocontractive mappings by a new iteration method1-Jan-2005Applicable Analysis; 84(1); 89-102
Stević, Stevo Area type inequalities and integral means of harmonic functions on the unit ball1-Apr-2007Journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan; 59(2); 583-601M22
Stević, Stevo Asymptotic behavior of a class of nonlinear difference equations11-Oct-2006Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society; 2006M22
Stević, Stevo Asymptotic behavior of a nonlinear difference equation1-Jan-2003Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics; 34(12); 1681-1687M23
Stević, Stevo Asymptotic behavior of a sequence defined by iteration with applications1-Jan-2002Colloquium Mathematicum; 93(2); 267-276
Bohner, Martin; Stević, Stevo Asymptotic behavior of second-order dynamic equations15-May-2007Applied Mathematics and Computation; 188(2); 1503-1512M22
Stević, Stevo Asymptotic behavior of solutions of a nonlinear difference equation with continuous argument1-Jan-2004Ukrainian Mathematical Journal; 56(8); 1300-1307
Stević, Stevo Asymptotic behavior of solutions of a system of q-functional-difference equations25-May-2014Applied Mathematics and Computation; 235; 538-545M21
Stević, Stevo Asymptotic behaviour of a sequence de ned by a recurrence formula II2002Australian Mathematical Society Gazette; 29(4); 209-215
Stević, Stevo Asymptotic behaviour of a sequence defined by a recurrence formula2001Austral. Math. Soc. Gaz.; 28(5); 243-245
Stević, Stevo Asymptotic behaviour of a sequence defined by iteration1996Matematički vesnik; 48(3-4); 99-105
Stević, Stevo Asymptotic behaviour of second-order difference equations1-Jan-2004ANZIAM Journal; 46(1); 157-170M23
Stević, Stevo Asymptotic periodicity of a higher-order difference equation1-Jan-2007Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society; 2007(1)M22
Stević, Stevo Asymptotically convergent solutions of a system of nonlinear functional differential equations of neutral type with iterated deviating arguments11-Feb-2013Applied Mathematics and Computation; 219(11); 6197-6203M21
Stević, Stevo Asymptotics of some classes of higher-order difference equations7-Jun-2007Discrete Dynamics in Nature and SocietyM22
Stević, Stevo ; Berenhaut, KennethThe behavior of positive solutions of a nonlinear second-order difference equation1-Apr-2008Abstract and Applied Analysis; 2008M22
Stević, Stevo Behavior of the positive solutions of the generalized Beddington-Holt equation2000PanAmer. Math. J.; 10(4); 77-85