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Vrećica, Teodor ; Pizzo, Nick; Lenain, LucAirborne Observations of Shoaling and Breaking Internal Waves2022Geophysical Research Letters; 49(21); e2022GL100622~M21a
Vrećica, Teodor ; Toledo, YaronConsistent nonlinear deterministic and stochastic wave evolution equations from deep water to the breaking region1-Jan-2019Journal of Fluid Mechanics; 373-404
Vrećica, Teodor ; Toledo, YaronConsistent nonlinear stochastic evolution equations for deep to shallow water wave shoaling10-May-2016Journal of Fluid Mechanics; 310-342M21
Vrećica, Teodor ; Paletta, Quentin; Lenain, LucDeep learning applied to sea surface semantic segmentation: Filtering sunglint from aerial imagery2021ICML 2021 Workshop: Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning
Vrećica, Teodor ; Soffer, Rotem; Toledo, YaronInfragravity Wave Generation by Wind Gusts28-Aug-2019Geophysical Research Letters; 46(16); 9728-9738M21a
Stuhlmeier, Raphael; Vrećica, Teodor ; Toledo, YaronNonlinear Wave Interaction in Coastal and Open Seas: Deterministic and Stochastic Theory1-Jan-2019Nonlinear Water Waves; 151-181M13
Vrećica, Teodor ; Pizzo, Nick; Lenain, LucObservations of Strongly Modulated Surface Wave and Wave Breaking Statistics at a Submesoscale Front2022Journal of Physical Oceanography; 52(2); 289-304~M21
Soffer, Rotem; Vrećica, Teodor ; Kit, Eliezer; Toledo, YaronObservations, modeling, and inter-comparison of waves from deep to intermediate waters in the East Mediterranean basin1-Jan-2020Deep-Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography; 171; 104646M21
Chernyshov, Pavel; Vrećica, Teodor ; Streßer, Michael; Carrasco, Ruben; Toledo, YaronRapid wavelet-based bathymetry inversion method for nearshore X-band radars1-Apr-2020Remote Sensing of Environment; 240; 111688M21a
Chernyshov, Pavel; Vrećica, Teodor ; Nauri, Sara; Toledo, YaronWavelet-Based 2-D Sea Surface Reconstruction Method From Nearshore X-Band Radar Image Sequences2022IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing; 60; 511131~M21a
Chernyshov, Pavel; Vrećica, Teodor ; Toledo, YaronWavelet-based methods to invert sea surfaces and bathymetries from X-band radar images2021Ocean Remote Sensing Technologies: High frequency, marine and GNSS-based radar