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Curien, Pierre Louis; Obradović, Jovana Categorified Cyclic Operads1-Feb-2020Applied Categorical Structures; 28(1); 59-112M23
Obradović, Jovana Cyclic operads: syntactic, algebraic and categorified aspects2017doctoral thesis: Université Paris CitéМ70
Curien, Pierre-Louis; Obradović, Jovana A formal language for cyclic operads24-May-2017Higher Structures; 1(1); 22-55
Batanin, Michael; Markl, Martin; Obradović, Jovana Minimal models for graph-related (hyper)operads2023Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra; 227(7); 107329~M22
Obradović, Jovana Monoid-like definitions of cyclic operad13-Mar-2017Theory and Applications of Categories; 32; 396-436M22
Baralić, Đorđe ; Curien, Pierre Louis; Milićević, Marina; Obradović, Jovana ; Petrić, Zoran ; Zekić, Mladen ; Živaljević, Rade Proofs and surfaces1-Oct-2020Annals of Pure and Applied Logic; 171(9); 102845M21
Curien, Pierre Louis; Obradović, Jovana ; Ivanović, JelenaSyntactic aspects of hypergraph polytopes7-Mar-2019Journal of Homotopy and Related Structures; 14(1); 235-279M23