Authors: Aouchiche, Mustapha
Hansen, Pierre
Stevanović, Dragan 
Title: Variable neighborhood search for extremal graphs. 17. further conjectures and results about the index
Journal: Discussiones Mathematicae - Graph Theory
Volume: 29
Issue: 1
First page: 15
Last page: 37
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2009
ISSN: 1234-3099
DOI: 10.7151/dmgt.1430
abs The AutoGraphiX 2 system is used to compare the index of a connected graph G with a number of other graph theoretical invariants, i.e., chromatic number, maximum, minimum and average degree, diameter, radius, average distance, independence and domination numbers. In each case, best possible lower and upper bounds, in terms of the order of G, are sought for sums, di erences, ratios and products of the index and another invariant. There are 72 cases altogether:in 7 cases known results were reproduced, in 32 cases immediate results were obtained and automatically proved by the system, conjectures were obtained in 27 cases, of which 12 were proved (in 3 theorems and 9 propositions), 9 remain open and 6 were refuted. No results could be derived in 7 cases.
Keywords: AutoGraphiX | Automated conjecture making | Graph invariant | Index of a graph | Spectral radius
Publisher: University of Zielona Gora

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