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181Hansen, Pierre; Mladenović, Nenad First vs. best improvement: An empirical study1-Apr-2006Discrete Applied Mathematics; 154(5 SPEC. ISS.); 802-817M22
182Brimberg, Jack; Hansen, Pierre; Mladenović, Nenad Decomposition strategies for large-scale continuous location-allocation problems1-Jan-2006IMA Journal of Management Mathematics; 17(4); 307-316
183Hansen, Pierre; Mladenović, Nenad ; Urošević, Dragan Variable neighborhood search and local branching1-Jan-2006Computers and Operations Research; 33(10); 3034-3045M21
184Hansen, Pierre; Mladenović, Nenad Variable neighborhood search1-Dec-2005Search Methodologies: Introductory Tutorials in Optimization and Decision Support Techniques; 211-238
185Moreno Pérez, José A.; Hansen, Pierre; Mladenović, Nenad Parallel Variable Neighborhood Search16-Sep-2005Parallel Metaheuristics: A New Class of Algorithms; 247-266
186Hansen, Pierre; Ngai, Eric; Cheung, Bernard K.; Mladenović, Nenad Analysis of global k-means, an incremental heuristic for minimum sum-of-squares clustering1-Jan-2005Journal of Classification; 22(2); 287-310M22
187Mladenović, Nenad ; Plastria, Frank; Urošević, Dragan Reformulation descent applied to circle packing problems1-Jan-2005Computers and Operations Research; 32(9); 2419-2434M22
188Domínguez-Marín, Patricia; Nickel, Stefan; Hansen, Pierre; Mladenović, Nenad Heuristic procedures for solving the discrete ordered median problem1-Jan-2005Annals of Operations Research; 136(1); 145-173M22
189Desrosiers, J.; Mladenović, Nenad ; Villeneuve, DanielDesign of balanced MBA student teams1-Jan-2005Journal of the Operational Research Society; 56(1); 60-66M22
190Ognjanović, Zoran ; Midić, Uroš; Mladenović, Nenad A hybrid genetic and variable neighborhood descent for probabilistic SAT problem1-Jan-2005Lecture Notes in Computer Science; Second International Worshop on Hybrid Metaheuristics, HM 2005; Barcelona; Spain; 29 August 2005 through 30 August 2005; 3636; 42-53M22
191Davidović, Tatjana ; Hansen, Pierre; Mladenović, Nenad Permutation-based genetic, tabu, and variable neighborhood search heuristics for multiprocessor scheduling with communication delays1-Jan-2005Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research; 22(3); 297-326M23
192Jovanović, Dejan; Mladenović, Nenad ; Ognjanović, Zoran Variable Neighborhood Search for the Probabilistic Satisfiability Problem20056th Metaheuristics International Conference, August 22-26, 2005, Vienna, Austria; 557-562M33
193Hansen, Pierre; Mladenović, Nenad ; Urošević, Dragan Variable neighborhood search for the maximum clique30-Dec-2004Discrete Applied Mathematics; 145(1 SPEC. ISS.); 117-125M22
194Audet, Charles; Brimberg, Jack; Hansen, Pierre; Le Digabel, Sébastien; Mladenović, Nenad Pooling problem: Alternate formulations and solution methods1-Jun-2004Management Science; 50(6); 761-776M21a
195Urošević, Dragan ; Brimberg, Jack; Mladenović, Nenad Variable neighborhood decomposition search for the edge weighted k-cardinality tree problem1-Jan-2004Computers and Operations Research; 31(8); 1205-1213M22
196Brimberg, Jack; Mladenović, Nenad ; Salhi, SaidThe multi-source Weber problem with constant opening cost1-Jan-2004Journal of the Operational Research Society; 55(6); 640-646M22
197Crainic, Teodor Gabriel; Gendreau, Michel; Hansen, Pierre; Mladenović, Nenad Cooperative parallel variable neighborhood search for the p-median1-Jan-2004Journal of Heuristics; 10(3); 293-314M22
198Davidović, Tatjana ; Hansen, Pierre; Mladenović, Nenad Neighborhood reduction in VNS for multiprocessor scheduling problem2004XXXI Simpozijum o operacionim istraživanjima, SYMOPIS 2004; 225-228M60
199Mladenović, Nenad ; Petrović, Jakov; Kovačević-Vujčić, Vera; Čangalović, MirjanaSolving spread spectrum radar polyphase code design problem by tabu search and variable neighbourhood search1-Dec-2003European Journal of Operational Research; 151(2); 389-399M22
200Mladenović, Nenad ; Labbé, Martine; Hansen, PierreSolving the p-Center Problem with Tabu Search and Variable Neighborhood Search1-Aug-2003Networks; 42(1); 48-64M22

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AcronymTitleStart dateCompletionP-Investigator
PROJECT 174010Mathematical Modelas and Optimization Methods on Large-Scale Systems01-01-201131-12-2019Mladenović, Nenad
PROJECT 144007Mathematical optimization models and methods with applications01-01-200631-12-2010Mladenović, Nenad
PROJECT 1583Mathematical optimization models and methods with applications01-01-200231-12-2005Mladenović, Nenad