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1Ivanov, Sergey; Kibzun, Andrey; Mladenović, Nenad Variable Neighborhood Search for a Two-Stage Stochastic Programming Problem with a Quantile Criterion1-Jan-2019Automation and Remote Control; 80(1); 43-52M23
2Dražić, Milan; Dražić, Zorica; Mladenović, Nenad ; Urošević, Dragan ; Zhao, Qiu HongContinuous variable neighbourhood search with modified Nelder-Mead for non-differentiable optimization1-Jan-2016IMA Journal of Management Mathematics; 27(1); 75-88M23
3Cafieri, Sonia; Hansen, Pierre; Mladenović, Nenad Edge-ratio network clustering by Variable Neighborhood Search1-Jan-2014European Physical Journal B; 87(5)M23
4Davydov, Ivan; Kochetov, Yu; Mladenović, Nenad ; Urošević, Dragan Erratum to: “Fast metaheuristics for the discrete (r|p)-centroid problem”1-Jan-2014Automation and Remote Control; 75(7); 1356M23
5Davydov, Ivan; Kochetov, Yu; Mladenović, Nenad ; Urošević, Dragan Fast metaheuristics for the discrete (r|p)-centroid problem1-Jan-2014Automation and Remote Control; 75(4); 677-687M23
6Mladenović, Nenad ; Hansen, Pierre; Brimberg, JackSequential clustering with radius and split criteria1-Jun-2013Central European Journal of Operations Research; 21(SUPPL1); 95-115M23
7Hanafi, Saïd; Lazić, Jasmina; Mladenović, Nenad ; Wilbaut, Christophe; Crévits, IgorNew hybrid matheuristics for solving the multidimensional knapsack problem22-Nov-2010Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics); 7th International Workshop on Hybrid Metaheuristics, HM 2010; Vienna; Austria; 1 October 2010 through 2 October 2010; 6373 LNCS; 118-132M23
8Brimberg, Jack; Hansen, Pierre; Mladenović, Nenad Attraction probabilities in variable neighborhood search1-Jan-20104OR : A Quarterly Journal of Operations Research; 8(2); 181-194M23
9Brimberg, Jack; Love, Robert; Mladenović, Nenad Extension of the Weiszfeld procedure to a single facility minisum location model with mixed ℓ p norms1-Oct-2009Mathematical Methods of Operations Research; 70(2); 269-283M23
10Mladenović, Nenad ; Plastria, Frank; Urošević, Dragan Formulation space search for circle packing problems1-Dec-2007Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics); International Workshop on Stochastic Local Search, SLS 2007; Brussels; Belgium; 6 September 2007 through 8 September 2007; 4638 LNCS; 212-216M23
11Davidović, Tatjana ; Hansen, Pierre; Mladenović, Nenad Permutation-based genetic, tabu, and variable neighborhood search heuristics for multiprocessor scheduling with communication delays1-Jan-2005Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research; 22(3); 297-326M23

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PROJECT 174010Mathematical Modelas and Optimization Methods on Large-Scale Systems01-01-201131-12-2019Mladenović, Nenad
PROJECT 144007Mathematical optimization models and methods with applications01-01-200631-12-2010Mladenović, Nenad
PROJECT 1583Mathematical optimization models and methods with applications01-01-200231-12-2005Mladenović, Nenad