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1Ratli, Mustapha; Urošević, Dragan ; El Cadi, Abdessamad Ait; Brimberg, Jack; Mladenović, Nenad ; Todosijević, Raca An efficient heuristic for a hub location routing problem28-Nov-2020Optimization LettersM22
2Brimberg, Jack; Mladenović, Nenad ; Todosijević, Raca ; Urošević, Dragan A non-triangular hub location problem1-Jul-2020Optimization Letters; 14; 1107-1126M22
3Plotnikov, Roman; Erzin, Adil; Mladenović, Nenad VNDS for the min-power symmetric connectivity problem1-Nov-2019Optimization Letters; 13(8); 1897-1911M22
4Džamić, Dušan; Aloise, Daniel; Mladenović, Nenad Ascent–descent variable neighborhood decomposition search for community detection by modularity maximization1-Jan-2019Annals of Operations Research; 272(1-2); 273-287M22
5Pei, Jun; Dražić, Zorica; Dražić, Milan; Mladenović, Nenad ; Pardalos, PanosContinuous variable neighborhood search (C-VNS) for solving systems of nonlinear equations1-Jan-2019INFORMS Journal on Computing; 31(2); 235-250M22
6Lu, Shaojun; Pei, Jun; Liu, Xinbao; Qian, Xiaofei; Mladenović, Nenad ; Pardalos, PanosLess is more: variable neighborhood search for integrated production and assembly in smart manufacturing1-Jan-2019Journal of SchedulingM22
7Brimberg, Jack; Mladenović, Nenad ; Todosijević, Raca ; Urošević, Dragan Solving the capacitated clustering problem with variable neighborhood search1-Jan-2019Annals of Operations Research; 272(1-2); 289-321M22
8Pyatkin, Artem; Aloise, Daniel; Mladenović, Nenad NP-Hardness of balanced minimum sum-of-squares clustering1-Oct-2017Pattern Recognition Letters; 97; 44-45M22
9Drezner, Zvi; Brimberg, Jack; Mladenović, Nenad ; Salhi, SaidNew local searches for solving the multi-source Weber problem1-Nov-2016Annals of Operations Research; 246(1-2); 181-203M22
10Mladenović, Nenad ; Batista, Marìa Belén MeliànEditorial: Special issue: Applications of variable neighbourhood search1-Jan-2016IMA Journal of Management Mathematics; 27(1); 1-2M22
11Nikolić, Nebojša; Grujičić, Igor; Mladenović, Nenad A large neighbourhood search heuristic for covering designs1-Jan-2016IMA Journal of Management Mathematics; 27(1); 89-106M22
12Sifaleras, Angelo; Duarte, Abraham; Mladenović, Nenad ; Sorensen, KennethSpecial issue on "Variable Neighborhood Search Variants - Recent Applications"1-Jan-2015International Transactions in Operational Research; 22(1); 197-198M22
13Xiao, Yiyong; Zhao, Qiuhong; Kaku, Ikou; Mladenović, Nenad Variable neighbourhood simulated annealing algorithm for capacitated vehicle routing problems3-Apr-2014Engineering Optimization; 46(4); 562-579M22
14Mladenović, Nenad ; Urošević, Dragan ; Hanafi, SaïdVariable neighborhood search for the travelling deliveryman problem1-Jan-20134OR : A Quarterly Journal of Operations Research; 11(1); 57-73M22
15Noble, Steven; Hansen, Pierre; Mladenović, Nenad Maximizing edge-ratio is NP-complete6-Dec-2011Discrete Applied Mathematics; 159(18); 2276-2280M22
16Tintor, Vladica; Urošević, Dragan ; Anđelić, B.; Radunović, Jovan; Mladenović, Nenad Variable neighbourhood search for resolving routing and wavelength assignment problem in optical wavelength-division multiplexing networks23-Sep-2011IET Communications; 5(14); 2028-2034M22
17Hansen, Pierre; Mladenović, Nenad ; Moreno Pérez, José A.Variable neighbourhood search: Methods and applications1-Jan-2010Annals of Operations Research; 175(1); 367-407M22
18Consoli, Sergio; Darby-Dowman, Kenneth; Mladenović, Nenad ; Moreno-Pérez, José A.Variable neighbourhood search for the minimum labelling Steiner tree problem1-Jan-2009Annals of Operations Research; 172(1); 71-96M22
19Brimberg, Jack; Mladenović, Nenad ; Urošević, Dragan Local and variable neighborhood search for the k-cardinality subgraph problem1-Oct-2008Journal of Heuristics; 14(5); 501-517M22
20Brimberg, Jack; Hansen, Pierre; Laporte, Gilbert; Mladenović, Nenad ; Urošević, Dragan The maximum return-on-investment plant location problem with market share1-Jan-2008Journal of the Operational Research Society; 59(3); 399-406M22

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PROJECT 174010Mathematical Modelas and Optimization Methods on Large-Scale Systems01-01-201131-12-2019Mladenović, Nenad
PROJECT 144007Mathematical optimization models and methods with applications01-01-200631-12-2010Mladenović, Nenad
PROJECT 1583Mathematical optimization models and methods with applications01-01-200231-12-2005Mladenović, Nenad