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1Ivanov, Sergey; Kibzun, Andrey; Mladenović, Nenad ; Urošević, Dragan Variable neighborhood search for stochastic linear programming problem with quantile criterion15-Jul-2019Journal of Global Optimization; 74(3); 549-564M21
2Kong, Min; Liu, Xinbao; Pei, Jun; Pardalos, Panos; Mladenović, Nenad Parallel-batching scheduling with nonlinear processing times on a single and unrelated parallel machines1-Jan-2018Journal of Global OptimizationM21
3Mladenović, Nenad ; Pardalos, Panos; Savić, GordanaPreface of special issue BALCOR1-Aug-2017Optimization Letters; 11(6); 1025-1027M21
4Brimberg, Jack; Janićijević, Stefana; Mladenović, Nenad ; Urošević, Dragan Solving the clique partitioning problem as a maximally diverse grouping problem1-Aug-2017Optimization Letters; 11(6); 1123-1135M21
5Sánchez-Oro, Jesús; Mladenović, Nenad ; Duarte, AbrahamGeneral Variable Neighborhood Search for computing graph separators1-Aug-2017Optimization Letters; 11(6); 1069-1089M21
6Ait El Cadi, Abdessamad; Ben Atitallah, Rabie; Hanafi, Saïd; Mladenović, Nenad ; Artiba, AbdelhakimNew MIP model for multiprocessor scheduling problem with communication delays1-Aug-2017Optimization Letters; 11(6); 1091-1107M21
7Todosijević, Raca ; Urošević, Dragan ; Mladenović, Nenad ; Hanafi, SaïdA general variable neighborhood search for solving the uncapacitated r -allocation p -hub median problem1-Aug-2017Optimization Letters; 11(6); 1109-1121M21
8Consoli, Sergio; Moreno Pérez, José Andrés; Mladenović, Nenad Comparison of metaheuristics for the k-labeled spanning forest problem1-May-2017International Transactions in Operational Research; 24(3); 559-582M21
9Mladenović, Nenad ; Sifaleras, Angelo; Sörensen, KennethEditorial to the Special Cluster on Variable Neighborhood Search, Variants and Recent Applications1-May-2017International Transactions in Operational Research; 24(3); 507-508M21
10Mjirda, Anis; Todosijević, Raca ; Hanafi, Saïd; Hansen, Pierre; Mladenović, Nenad Sequential variable neighborhood descent variants: an empirical study on the traveling salesman problem1-May-2017International Transactions in Operational Research; 24(3); 615-633M21
11Erzin, Adil; Mladenović, Nenad ; Plotnikov, RomanVariable neighborhood search variants for Min-power symmetric connectivity problem1-Feb-2017Computers and Operations Research; 78; 557-563M21
12Grohmann, Sanja; Urošević, Dragan ; Carrizosa, Emilio; Mladenović, Nenad Solving multifacility Huff location models on networks using metaheuristic and exact approaches1-Feb-2017Computers and Operations Research; 78; 537-546M21
13Duarte, Abraham; Mladenović, Nenad ; Jarboui, BassemSpecial issue on Variable neighborhood search methods in business and engineering1-Feb-2017Computers and Operations Research; 78; 382-384M21
14Brimberg, Jack; Mladenović, Nenad ; Todosijević, Raca ; Urošević, Dragan A basic variable neighborhood search heuristic for the uncapacitated multiple allocation p-hub center problem1-Feb-2017Optimization Letters; 11(2); 313-327M21
15Nikolaev, Alexey; Mladenović, Nenad ; Todosijević, Raca J-means and I-means for minimum sum-of-squares clustering on networks1-Feb-2017Optimization Letters; 11(2); 359-376M21
16Brimberg, Jack; Mladenović, Nenad ; Todosijević, Raca ; Urošević, Dragan General variable neighborhood search for the uncapacitated single allocation p-hub center problem1-Feb-2017Optimization Letters; 11(2); 377-388M21
17Elshaikh, Abdalla; Salhi, Said; Brimberg, Jack; Mladenović, Nenad ; Callaghan, Becky; Nagy, GáborAn adaptive perturbation-based heuristic: An application to the continuous p-centre problem1-Nov-2016Computers and Operations Research; 75; 1-11M21
18Todosijević, Raca ; Mladenović, Marko; Hanafi, Saïd; Mladenović, Nenad ; Crévits, IgorAdaptive general variable neighborhood search heuristics for solving the unit commitment problem1-Jun-2016International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems; 78; 873-883M21
19Drezner, Zvi; Brimberg, Jack; Mladenović, Nenad ; Salhi, SaidSolving the planar p-median problem by variable neighborhood and concentric searches1-Nov-2015Journal of Global Optimization; 63(3); 501-514M21
20Rajab, Rima Sheikh; Dražić, Milan; Mladenović, Nenad ; Mladenović, Pavle; Yu, KemingFitting censored quantile regression by variable neighborhood search1-Nov-2015Journal of Global Optimization; 63(3); 481-500M21

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AcronymTitleStart dateCompletionP-Investigator
PROJECT 174010Mathematical Modelas and Optimization Methods on Large-Scale Systems01-01-201131-12-2019Mladenović, Nenad
PROJECT 144007Mathematical optimization models and methods with applications01-01-200631-12-2010Mladenović, Nenad
PROJECT 1583Mathematical optimization models and methods with applications01-01-200231-12-2005Mladenović, Nenad