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Berenhaut, Kenneth; Foley, John; Stević, Stevo The global attractivity of the rational difference equation yn = frac(yn - k + yn - m, 1 + yn - k yn - m)1-Jan-2007Applied Mathematics Letters; 20(1); 54-58M22
Simić, Slavko ; Bin-Mohsin, BandarGlobal bounds for the generalized jensen functional with applications6-Nov-2021Symmetry; 13(11); 2105~M22
Stević, Stevo A global convergence results with applications to periodic solutions1-Jan-2002Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics; 33(1); 45-53M23
Balibrea, Francisco; Bas, Linero; Soler López, Gabriel; Stević, Stevo Global periodicity of xn+k+1 = f k(xn+k) ... f2(xn+2)f1 (xn+1)1-Oct-2007Journal of Difference Equations and Applications; 13(10); 901-910M21
Stević, Stevo Global stability and asymptotics of some classes of rational difference equations1-Apr-2006Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications; 316(1); 60-68M21
Stević, Stevo Global stability of a difference equation with maximum15-Apr-2009Applied Mathematics and Computation; 210(2); 525-529M21
Stević, Stevo Global stability of a max-type difference equation1-Mar-2010Applied Mathematics and Computation; 216(1); 354-356M21
Stević, Stevo Global stability of some symmetric difference equations1-Mar-2010Applied Mathematics and Computation; 216(1); 179-186M21
Stević, Stevo Globally bounded solutions of a system of nonlinear functional differential equations with iterated deviating argument1-Nov-2012Applied Mathematics and Computation; 219(4); 2180-2185M21
Dodig, Marija ; Stošić, Marko GMPCP for one row and one column completion21-Jul-2020Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra; 36(1); 473-483M23
Ilić, Velimir ; Mančev, Dejan; Todorović, Branimir; Stanković, Miomir Gradient computation in linear-chain conditional random fields using the entropy message passing algorithm1-Oct-2012Pattern Recognition Letters; 33(13); 1776-1784M22
Cvetković, Dragoš; Simić, Slobodan Graph spectra in Computer Science15-Mar-2011Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 434(6); 1545-1562M22
Arsić, Branko; Cvetković, Dragoš; Simić, Slobodan ; Škarić, MilanGraph spectral techniques in computer sciences1-Apr-2012Applicable Analysis and Discrete Mathematics; 6(1); 1-30M21
Farah, Ilijas Graphs and CCR algebras1-Dec-2010Indiana University Mathematics Journal; 59(3); 1041-1056M21
Cvetković, Dragoš; Davidović, Tatjana ; Ilić, Aleksandar; Simić, Slobodan Graphs for small multiprocessor interconnection networks15-Nov-2010Applied Mathematics and Computation; 217(6); 2468-2480M21
Bell, Francis; Cvetković, Dragoš; Rowlinson, Peter; Simić, Slobodan Graphs for which the least eigenvalue is minimal, I1-Jul-2008Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 429(1); 234-241M22
Bell, Francis; Cvetković, Dragoš; Rowlinson, Peter; Simić, Slobodan Graphs for which the least eigenvalue is minimal, II16-Oct-2008Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 429(8-9); 2168-2179M22
Došen, Kosta ; Petrić, Zoran Graphs of plural cuts6-May-2013Theoretical Computer Science; 484; 41-55M23
Belardo, Francesco; Li Marzi, Enzo; Simić, Slobodan ; Wang, JianfengGraphs whose signless Laplacian spectral radius does not exceed the Hoffman limit value1-Dec-2011Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 435(11); 2913-2920M22
Cvetković, Dragoš; Rowlinson, Peter; Simić, Slobodan Graphs with least eigenvalue -2: Ten years on1-Nov-2015Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 484; 504-539M21