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Author(s)TitleIssue DateAppears inRank
Belardo, Francesco; Li Marzi, Enzo; Simić, Slobodan Trees with minimal index and diameter at most four28-Jun-2010Discrete Mathematics; 310(12); 1708-1714M22
Todorčević, Stevo Trees, subtrees and order types1-Jan-1981Annals of Mathematical Logic; 20(3); 233-268
Bohner, Martin; Stević, Stevo Trench's perturbation theorem for dynamic equations1-Dec-2007Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society; 2007(1)M22
Dragović, Vladimir ; Gontsov, Renat; Shramchenko, VasilisaTriangular Schlesinger systems and superelliptic curves1-Oct-2021Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena; 424; 132947~M21
Hedrih, Anđelka ; Georgiades, FotiosTribute to Prof. Katica R. (Stevanovic) Hedrih12-Nov-2021Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science; 235(20); 4503-4505~M23
Horiuchi, Kiyomitsu; Šešelja, Branimir; Tepavčević, Andreja Trice-valued fuzzy sets: Mathematical model for three-way decisions1-Jan-2020Information Sciences; 507; 574-584M21a
Anđelić, Milica; Du, Zhibin; da Fonseca, Carlos; Simić, Slobodan Tridiagonal Matrices and Spectral Properties of Some Graph Classes23-Apr-2020Czechoslovak Mathematical JournalM23
Xu, S.; Wang, F.; Mihaljević, Miodrag J. ; Zhang, S.; Shao, W.; Huang, Q.Trusted Auditing of Data Operation Behaviors in Cloud based on Blockchain and TEE2023IEEE ISPA 2023, 21-24 December, 2023, Wuhan, China; ProceedingsM33
Cajić, Milan ; Karličić, Danilo ; Paunović, Stepa ; Adhikari, SondiponTunable interface states in locally resonant acoustic chains with inerters2022ENOC2022 - 10th European Nonlinear Dynamics Conference, July 17-22, 2022, Lyon, France; Proceedings; 262-263M34
Cajić, Milan ; Karličić, Danilo ; Christensen, Johan; Adhikari, SondiponTunable topological interface states in one-dimensional inerter-based locally resonant lattices with damping2023Journal of Sound and Vibration; 542; 117326~M21
Cajić, Milan ; Christensen, Johan; Adhikari, SondiponTuning of topological interface modes in an elastic beam array system with inerters1-Sep-2021International Journal of Mechanical Sciences; 205; 106573~M21a
Femić, Bojana Turaev bicategories and generalized Yetter-Drinfel’d modules in 2-categories1-Mar-2021Israel Journal of Mathematics; 241(1); 395-432~M22
Simić, Slavko Turan's inequality for Appell polynomials1-Jan-2006Journal of Inequalities and Applications; 2006; 1-7M23
Blagojević, Pavle ; Bukh, Boris; Karasev, RomanTurán numbers for Ks,t-free graphs: Topological obstructions and algebraic constructions1-Dec-2011Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics; 38; 141-145
Blagojević, Pavle ; Bukh, Boris; Karasev, RomanTurán numbers for Ks,t-free graphs: Topological obstructions and algebraic constructions1-Oct-2013Israel Journal of Mathematics; 197(1); 199-214M22
Blagojević, Pavle ; Frick, Florian; Ziegler, Günter M.Tverberg plus constraints30-Jun-2014Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society; 46(5); 953-967M22
Jojić, Duško; Panina, Gaiane; Živaljević, Rade A Tverberg type theorem for collectively unavoidable complexes1-Jan-2021Israel Journal of Mathematics~M22
Živaljević, Rade The Tverberg-Vrećica problem and the combinatorial geometry on vector bundles1-Jan-1999Israel Journal of Mathematics; 111; 53-76M22
Živaljević, Rade Tverberg’s theorem and shadows of simplices and convex bodies1-Jan-2006Teaching of Mathematics; 9(2); 1-17
Camion, Paul; Mihaljević, Miodrag J. ; Imai, HidekiTwo alerts for design of certain stream ciphers: Trapped LFSR and weak resilient function over GF(q)1-Dec-2003Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics); 2595; 196-213M23