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Author(s)TitleIssue DateAppears inRank
Stevanović, Dragan Walk counts and the spectral radius of graphs2015Bulletin de l'Académie serbe des sciences. Classe des sciences mathématiques et naturelles. Sciences mathématiques; 40; 33-57M51
Todorčević, Stevo Walks on ordinals and their characteristics2007263M11
Velimirović, Lazar ; Janković, Radmila ; Velimirović, Jelena ; Janjić, AleksandarWastewater Plant Reliability Prediction Using the Machine Learning Classification Algorithms2021Symmetry; 13(8); 1518~M22
Karličić, Danilo ; Cajić, Milan ; Chatterjee, Tanmoy; Adhikari, SondiponWave propagation in mass embedded and pre-stressed hexagonal lattices15-Jan-2021Composite Structures; 256; Article no. 113087~M21a
Chatterjee, Tanmoy; Karličić, Danilo ; Adhikari, Sondipon; Friswell, Michael I.Wave propagation in randomly parameterized 2D lattices via machine learning1-Nov-2021Composite Structures; 275; 114386~M21a
Konjik, Sanja; Oparnica, Ljubica; Zorica, Dušan Waves in viscoelastic media described by a linear fractional model1-Apr-2011Integral Transforms and Special Functions; 22(4-5); 283-291M21
Došen, Kosta ; Petrić, Zoran Weak cat-operads25-Mar-2015Logical Methods in Computer Science; 11(1)M22
Kratica, Jozef ; Matić, Dragan; Filipović, VladimirWeakly convex and convex domination numbers for generalized Petersen and flower snark graphs2020Revista de la Unión Matemática Argentina; 61(2); 441-455M23
Korać, Vanja ; Prlja, DraganWeb Server Security Aspect2018Arheologija i prirodne nauke; 14; 93-101M52
Filipović, Vladimir; Tošić, Dušan; Kratica, Jozef Web service for parallel evolutionary algorithms2003XXX Simpozijum o operacionim istraživanjima; 299-302M60
Stević, Stevo ; Ueki, Sei IchiroWeighted composition operators and integral-type operators between weighted hardy spaces on the unit ball18-Sep-2009Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society; 2009M21
Stević, Stevo ; Chen, Renyu; Zhou, ZehuaWeighted composition operators between Bloch-type spaces in the polydisc1-Jan-2010Sbornik Mathematics; 201(2); 289-319M22
Stević, Stevo Weighted composition operators between Fock-type spaces in CN1-Dec-2009Applied Mathematics and Computation; 215(7); 2750-2760M21
Stević, Stevo ; Sharma, AjayWeighted composition operators between growth spaces of the upper half-plane1-Mar-2011Utilitas Mathematica; 84; 265-272M22
Stević, Stevo ; Sharma, AjayWeighted composition operators between Hardy and growth spaces on the upper half-plane15-Jan-2011Applied Mathematics and Computation; 217(10); 4928-4934M21
Li, Songxiao; Stević, Stevo Weighted composition operators between H∞ and α-Bloch spaces in the unit ball1-Jan-2008Taiwanese Journal of Mathematics; 12(7); 1625-1639M22
Stević, Stevo Weighted composition operators between mixed norm spaces and Hα∞ spaces in the unit ball1-Dec-2007Journal of Inequalities and Applications; 2007M23
Stević, Stevo Weighted composition operators from Bergman-Privalov-type spaces to weighted-type spaces on the unit ball1-Nov-2010Applied Mathematics and Computation; 217(5); 1939-1943M21
Li, Songxiao; Stević, Stevo Weighted composition operators from Bergman-type spaces into Bloch spaces1-Aug-2007Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences: Mathematical Sciences; 117(3); 371-385M23
Li, Songxiao; Stević, Stevo Weighted composition operators from H∞ to the bloch space on the polydisc2-Jul-2007Abstract and Applied Analysis; 2007M23