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Author(s)TitleIssue DateAppears inRank
Ghilezan, Silvia Intersection types and topologies in lambda calculus2000Workshop on Intersection Types and Related Systems, (ITRS'00) Geneva, Switzerland (2000); ProceedingsM33
Kratica, Jozef ; Tošić, DušanIntroduction to genetic algorithms and some applications2001Workshop on Computational Intelligence - Theory and Applications; 57-68M60
Dragović, Vladimir Introduction to integrable billiards2021Belgrade Summer School on Dynamics, Belgrade, Serbia, July, 2021M32
Ognjanović, Zoran An Introduction To Logics With Probability OperatorsSep-2020Book of Abstracts of the 6th International conference Contemporary problems of mathematics, mechanics and informatics, CPMMI 2020; 6th International conference Contemporary problems of mathematics, mechanics and informatics, CPMMI 2020, Novi Pazar, 21–22 September 2020; 25-25M34
Dragović, Vladimir ; Radnović, MilenaIntroduction to poncelet porisms23-May-2011Poncelet Porisms and Beyond; 2011; 1-300
Milovanović, Miloš Intuicionističko zasnivanje matematike i primene u muzici, arhitekturi, obrazovanju...2022Phlogiston - časopis za istoriju nauke; 30; 277-302M52
Ilić Stepić, Angelina ; Knežević, Mateja; Ognjanović, Zoran Intuitionistic propositional probability logic29-Aug-2022Mathematical Logic QuarterlyM23
Došen, Kosta An intuitionistic sheffer function1-Jan-1985Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic; 26(4); 479-482
Jovanović, Božidar Invariant manifolds in noholonomic rigid body dynamics2003Singularities of integrable foliations of Hamiltonian systems Athens, November 10-13, 2003M30
Jovanović, Božidar Invariant measures of modified LR and L+R systems1-Sep-2015Regular and Chaotic Dynamics; 20(5); 542-552M22
Došen, Kosta ; Petrić, Zoran Invariants for classification of propositional formulae2012Workshop “Cross Perspectives on Proof Systems and their Significance”, École normale supérieure ParisM30
Vesić, Nenad ; Milenković, Vladislava M.; Stanković, Mića S.Invariants for equitorsion geometric mappings2023Filomat; 37(25); 8537-8542M22
Vesić, Nenad ; Mihajlović, AleksandraInvariants for F-Planar Mappings of Symmetric Affine Connection Spaces2022Facta Universitatis, Ser. Math. Inform.; 37(2); 283-293M24
Vesić, Nenad ; Zlatanović, MilanInvariants for geodesic and F-planar mappings of generalized Riemannian spaces11-May-2020Quaestiones Mathematicae; 44(7); 983-996M21
Milićević, Luka INVERSE THEOREM FOR CERTAIN DIRECTIONAL GOWERS UNIFORMITY NORMS2023Publications de l'Institut Mathematique; 113(127); 1-56M24
Veličkovska, Ivana Investigating the influence of research and development indicators on five developed economies in Europe20202nd Virtual International Conference on Path to a Knowledge Society-Managing Risks and Innovation – PaKSom, November 16-17, 2020; 141-147M33
Davidović, Tatjana ; Janković, Slobodanka Investigation of Reliability of a Two-Unit Standby System with Repair and with Economical Preventive Maintenance Using Simulation20064th Int. Conf. Simulation in industry and services; 55-72M30
Paunović, Stepa ; Cajić, Milan ; Karličić, Danilo Influence of fractional viscoelastic connecting layers on the response of a beam-mass array exposed to motion of supports2022ENOC2022 - 10th European Nonlinear Dynamics Conference, July 17-22, 2022, Lyon, France. pp.623-624; Proceedings; 623-624M34
Todorčević, Stevo Irredundant sets in boolean algebras1-Jan-1993Transactions of the American Mathematical Society; 339(1); 35-44M21
Dow, Alan; Farah, Ilijas Is P(ω) a subalgebra?1-Jan-2004Fundamenta Mathematicae; 183(2); 91-108M22