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Author(s)TitleIssue DateAppears inRank
Janjić, Aleksandar; Velimirović, Lazar ; Stanković, MiomirMulti-attribute Optimization of Electric Vehicle Fleet Charging Scheduling2016The Fourth National Conference on Information theory and complex systems -TINKOS 2016; 4-4M64
Janjić, Aleksandar; Savić, Suzana; Janacković, Goran; Stanković, Miomir; Velimirović, Lazar Multi-criteria Assessment of the Smart Grid Efficiency Using the Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy ProcessDec-2016Facta Universitatis, Series: Electronics and Energetics; 29(4); 631-646M24
Janjić, Aleksandar; Velimirović, Lazar ; Stanković, Miomir; Džunić, Željko; Velimirović, Jelena Multi-criteria Decision Methodology for the Optimization of Public Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure2017The Sixth International Conference Transport and Logistics; 283-286M33
Janjić, Aleksandar; Stanković, Miomir; Velimirović, Lazar Multi-criteria Influence Diagrams – A Tool for the Sequential Group Risk Assessment2015Granular Computing and Decision-Making (Interactive and Iterative Approaches), Studies in Big Data; 165-193M13
Janjić, Aleksandar; Velimirović, Lazar ; Savić, Suzana; Stanković, MiomirMulticriteria Analysis of the Smart Grid Project Efficiency2014XLIX International Scientific Conference on Information, Communication and Energy Systems and Technologies - ICEST 2014; 403-406M33
Ognjanović, Zoran ; Mijajlović, Žarko; Gocić, Milan; Stanković, MiomirNacionalni centar za digitalizaciju - osnova informacionog sistema o kulturnoj baštini2006Konferencija Upravljanje promenama i inovacijama, 3. DQM Tematski seminar, Prijevor 2006.; 11-17M63
Velimirović, Lazar ; Perić, Zoran; Stanković, Miomir; Nikolić, JelenaNumerical Determination of the Optimal Value of Quantizer’s Segment Threshold Using Quadratic Spline Functions2013British Journal of Mathematics & Computer Science; 3(4); 500-508M52
Ilić, Velimir ; Đorđević, I. B.; Stanković, MiomirOn a general definition of conditional Renyi entropies20184th International Electronic Conference on Entropy and Its Applications, November, 2017M30
Rajković, Predrag; Stanković, Miomir; Marinković, Sladjana; Kirane, MokhtarOn q-steffensen inequality1-Jan-2018Electronic Journal of Differential Equations; 2018; 1-11
Velimirović, Lazar ; Perić, Zoran; Stanković, Miomir; Nikolić, JelenaOptimization of Quantizer’s Segment Treshold Using Spline Approximations for Optimal Compressor Function2012Applied Mathematics; 3(10A); 1430-1434M52
Janjić, Aleksandar; Velimirović, Lazar ; Stanković, MiomirPoboljšani algoritam lokacije kvara metodom polovljenja2021M82
Todorović, Branimir; Stanković, Miomir; Moraga, ClaudioRecurrent neural networks training using derivative free nonlinear Bayesian filters1-Jan-2016Studies in Computational Intelligence; 620; 383-410
Janjić, Aleksandar; Velimirović, Lazar ; Stanković, MiomirRisk Analysis of Smart Grid Enterprise Integration20166th International Conference on Information Society and Technology ICIST 2016; 124-126M33
Todorović, Branimir; Moraga, Claudio; Stanković, MiomirSequential Bayesian estimation of recurrent neural networks1-Oct-2017Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing; 349; 173-199
Janjić, Aleksandar; Stanković, Miomir; Velimirović, Lazar Smart Grid Strategy Assessment Using the Fuzzy AHP20146th ICT Conference; 13-18M33
Đurić, Miloš ; Ilić, Velimir ; Stanković, MiomirThe Computation of Mathematical Expectation and Covariance on Junction Trees2012Probabilistic logics and applications 2012; 15-15M60
Janjić, Aleksandar; Velimirović, Lazar ; Stanković, Miomir; Đorđević, VladimirTrade-off Between Multiple Criteria in Smart Home Control System DesignMar-2018Facta Universitatis, Series: Electronics and Energetics; 31(1); 141-153M24