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Author(s)TitleIssue DateAppears inRank
Ilić, Aleksandar; Stevanović, Dragan The Estrada index of chemical trees1-Jan-2010Journal of Mathematical Chemistry; 47(1); 305-314M21
Ilić, Aleksandar; Urošević, Dragan ; Brimberg, Jack; Mladenović, Nenad A general variable neighborhood search for solving the uncapacitated single allocation p-hub median problem16-Oct-2010European Journal of Operational Research; 206(2); 289-300M21a
Mladenović, Nenad ; Urošević, Dragan ; Hanafi, Saïd; Ilić, AleksandarA general variable neighborhood search for the one-commodity pickup-and-delivery travelling salesman problem1-Jul-2012European Journal of Operational Research; 220(1); 270-285M21a
Cvetković, Dragoš; Davidović, Tatjana ; Ilić, Aleksandar; Simić, Slobodan Graphs for small multiprocessor interconnection networks15-Nov-2010Applied Mathematics and Computation; 217(6); 2468-2480M21
Stevanović, Dragan ; Ilić, Aleksandar; Onişor, Cristina; Diudea, MirceaLEL - A newly designed molecular descriptor10-Jul-2009Acta Chimica Slovenica; 56(2); 410-417M22
Ilić, Aleksandar; Stevanović, Dragan On comparing Zagreb indices1-Dec-2009Match; 62(3); 681-687M21a
Stevanović, Dragan ; Ilić, AleksandarOn the Laplacian coefficients of unicyclic graphs15-Apr-2009Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 430(8-9); 2290-2300M22
Ilić, Aleksandar; Ilić, Andreja; Stevanović, Dragan On the wiener index and laplacian coefficients of graphs with given diameter or radius16-Jul-2010Match; 63(1); 91-100M21a
Yu, Guihai; Feng, Lihua; Ilić, Aleksandar; Stevanović, Dragan The signless laplacian spectral radius of bounded degree graphs on surfaces1-Jan-2015Applicable Analysis and Discrete Mathematics; 9(2); 332-346
Feng, Lihua; Yu, Guihai; Ilić, Aleksandar; Stevanović, Dragan The signless Laplacian spectral radius of graphs on surfaces1-May-2013Linear and Multilinear Algebra; 61(5); 573-581M22
Ilić, Aleksandar; Urošević, Dragan ; Mladenović, Nenad Variable Neighborhood Search for solving the Uncapacitated Single Allocation p-hub Median Problem2008XXXV SYM-OP-IS; 359-362M60