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Ilić, Nina; Veličkovska, Ivana Bibliometric analysis of the written publications in instituts of University in Belgrade 2011-2016201814th International May Conference onStrategic Management – IMCSM18 May 25–27, 2018, Bor, Serbia; 261-273M33
Ilić, Nina; Dimitrievska, Dragana; Veličkovska, Ivana Bibliometrijska analiza naučno-istraživačkog rada Tehničkog fakulteta u Boru u periodu 1996-20152016Engineering Management – The International Student Journal for Theory and Practice of Management Science; 2(1); 1-14M50
Velimirović, Lazar ; Janjić, Aleksandar; Vranić, Petar ; Velimirović, Jelena ; Petkovski, Ivana Determining the Optimal Route of Electric Vehicle using a Hybrid Algorithm based on Fuzzy Dynamic Programming2022IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems~M21a
Petkovski, Ivana Discussing demographic and economic implications of electricity use in European countries with diverse climatic zone2022Sustainable Development and Green Economy; 101-102M34
Velimirović, Lazar ; Janjić, A.; Vranić, Petar ; Petkovski, Ivana ; Velimirović, Jelena Dynamic electric vehicle routing problem20218th International conference Transport & Logistics - TIL2021. Universtiy of Niš, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Niš, 3rd December 2021.; 29-32M33
Petkovski, Ivana ; Mihajlović, Ivan; Fedajev, AleksandraHybrid CRITIC-TOPSIS model for prioritizing digitally developed countries in the light of energy indicators2022XVII International May Conference on Strategic Management – IMCSM22 May 28, 2022, Bor, Serbia; IMCSM Proceedings; 264-277M33
Veličkovska, Ivana Implementation of a SWOT-AHP methodology for strategic development of a district heating plant in fuzzy environment2022Strategic Management; 27(1); 43-56M24
Veličkovska, Ivana ; Stanujkić, Maja; Stanujkić, Ana; Gavrilović, Dijana; Dimitievska, DraganaImplementation of the ecotourism concept in the National park Djerdap - business improvement2017Engineering Management – The International Student Journal for Theory and Practice of Management Science; 3(2); 12-25M50
Veličkovska, Ivana The importance of teamwork in marketing: A case study201811th International Student Conference, Teams and Leaders: the way to success; 246-253M33
Veličkovska, Ivana Investigating the influence of research and development indicators on five developed economies in Europe20202nd Virtual International Conference on Path to a Knowledge Society-Managing Risks and Innovation – PaKSom, November 16-17, 2020; 141-147M33
Mihajlović, Ivan; Dimitrievska, Dragana; Veličkovska, Ivana Logistic process indicator (LPI) as the measure of infrastructural and regional development2020XV FIKUSZ 2020 International Conference - Symposium for young researchers; 5-23M33
Petkovski, Ivana ; Fedajev, Aleksandra; Bazen, JacquesModelling Complex Relationships between Sustainable Competitiveness and Digitalization2022Journal of Competitiveness; 14(2); 79-96~M21
Veličkovska, Ivana Organizational Citizenship Behavior - definition, determinants and effects2017Engineering Management – The International Student Journal for Theory and Practice of Management Science; 3(1); 40-51M50
Veličkovska, Ivana ; Mihajlović, Ivan; Njagulović, BobanPrediction of the copper production in the framework of electrical energy consumption using artificial neural network2020International May Conference on Strategic Management – IMCSM20 September 25-27, 2020, Bor, Serbia; 411-423M33
Petkovski, Ivana Public and private investments in innovation activities in Serbia20213rd Virtual International Conference Path to a Knowledge Society-Managing Risks and Innovation PaKSoM 2021, November 15-16, 2021M33
Veličkovska, Ivana A step-wise weight assessment ratio analysis of barriers to the use of biomass in the district heating system2022International Journal of Management and Decision; 21(3); 262-284M23
Petkovski, Ivana Strategies selection in a coal mining company by a hybrid MCDM method20217th Virtual International Conference on Science, Technology and Management in Energy, December 16-17, 2021; 167-175M33
Veličkovska, Ivana ; Stanujkić, MajaТhe use of AHP-PROMETHEE method in environmental management - National park Djerdap2018Engineering Management – The International Student Journal for Theory and Practice of Management Science; 4(1); 65-77M50