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Author(s)TitleIssue DateAppears inRank
Dodig, Marija Pole placement problem for singular systems1-May-2011Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications; 18(3); 283-297M21
Stošić, Marko ; Xavier, João; Dodig, Marija Projection on the intersection of convex sets15-Nov-2016Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 509; 191-205M21
Dodig, Marija Rank distance problem for pairs of matrices1-Feb-2013Linear and Multilinear Algebra; 61(2); 205-215M22
Dodig, Marija ; Stošić, Marko The rank distance problem for pairs of matrices and a completion of quasi-regular matrix pencils15-Sep-2014Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 457; 313-347M21
Dodig, Marija ; Stošić, Marko RANK ONE PERTURBATIONS of MATRIX PENCILS1-Jan-2020SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications; 41(4); 1889-1911M21
Dodig, Marija ; Stošić, Marko Similarity class of a matrix with a prescribed submatrix1-Jan-2009Linear and Multilinear Algebra; 57(3); 217-245M22
Dodig, Marija ; Stošić, Marko Singular systems, state feedback problem1-Sep-2009Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 431(8); 1267-1292M22
Dodig, Marija Special loop connections of linear systems15-Jul-2007Linear Algebra and Its Applications; 424(2-3); 555-569M22