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Božin, Vladimir ; Louka, HanaAsymptotics of quantum contract signing1-Jan-2017Publications de l'Institut Mathematique; 101(115); 37-45M24
Božin, Vladimir ; Mateljević, MiodragBounds for Jacobian of harmonic injective mappings in n-dimensional space1-Jan-2015Filomat; 29(9); 2119-2124M21
Božin, Vladimir ; Marković, VladimirDistance between domains in the sense of Lehto is not a metric1-Dec-1999Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae Mathematica; 24(1); 3-10M23
Mateljević, Miodrag; Božin, Vladimir ; Gutman, IvanEnergy of a polynomial and the Coulson integral formula16-Sep-2010Journal of Mathematical Chemistry; 48(4); 1062-1068M21
Shneina, Ehfayed; Božin, Vladimir Extreme values of an infinite mixture of normally distributed variables19-Jul-2013Filomat; 27(5); 909-916M21
Božin, Vladimir ; Karapetrović, BobanFailure of korenblum’s maximum principle in bergman spaces with small exponents1-Jan-2018Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society; 146(6); 2577-2584M22
Arsenović, Miloš; Božin, Vladimir ; Todorčević, Vesna Moduli of Continuity of Harmonic Quasiregular Mappings in Bn1-Apr-2011Potential Analysis; 34(3); 283-291M21
Božin, Vladimir ; Milošević, Bojana; Nikitin, Ya Yu; Obradović, MarkoNew Characterization-Based Symmetry Tests1-Jan-2020Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society; 43(1); 297-320M21
Bhayo, Barkat Ali; Božin, Vladimir ; Kalaj, David; Vuorinen, Mattiv K.Norm inequalities for vector functions15-Aug-2011Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications; 380(2); 768-781M21
Božin, Vladimir ; Karapetrović, BobanNorm of the Hilbert matrix on Bergman spaces15-Jan-2018Journal of Functional Analysis; 274(2); 525-543M21a
Božin, Vladimir Note on Harmonic Maps1-Dec-1999International Mathematics Research Notices; 1999(19)M21
Božin, Vladimir ; Hruška, Marina; Paunković, Nikola; Herbut, FedorOn statistical and deterministic quantum teleportation15-May-1998Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General; 31(19); 4403-4435M21
Mateljević, Miodrag; Božin, Vladimir ; Knezević, MiljanQuasiconformality of harmonic mappings between Jordan domains1-Sep-2010Filomat; 24(3); 111-124M23
Melentijević, Petar; Božin, Vladimir Sharp Riesz-Fejér Inequality for Harmonic Hardy Spaces1-Jan-2020Potential AnalysisM21
Božin, Vladimir ; Mateljević, MiodragSome counterexamples related to the theory of HQC mappings1-Dec-2010Filomat; 24(4); 25-34M23
Bojković, Nataša; Božin, Vladimir ; Petrović, Marijana; Anić, IvanSpatially continuous modeling approach for population persistence in road-fragmented landscapes1-Jan-2015Applied Mathematical Modelling; 39(17); 5174-5185M21
Božin, Vladimir ; Lakić, Nikola; Marković, Vladimir; Mateljević, MiodragUnique extremality1-Jan-1998Journal d'Analyse Mathematique; 75; 299-338M21
Božin, Vladimir ; Marković, Vladimir; Mateljević, MiodragUnique extremality in the tangent space of the universal teichmuller space1-Jan-1998Integral Transforms and Special Functions; 6(1-4); 145-149M22